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NCAA Recruiting Rules For Student-Athletes

Enrolled student-athletes are subject to the following NCAA rules regarding recruiting prospective student-athletes (PSA's):
  • Off-campus, in-person contact between an enrolled student-athlete and a PSA is permissible, provided such contact does not occur at the direction of an Oakland University staff member.
  • Oakland University may not provide an enrolled student-athlete with transportation or expenses to recruit a PSA (except as allowed when serving as a student-athlete host)
  • It is permissible for a student-athlete to engage in written correspondence with PSA's, provided it is not done at the direction of Oakland University.
  • Enrolled student-athletes may not make or participate in phone calls to PSAs at the direction of a coaching staff member or financed by Oakland University or a booster; however, they may receive calls at the expense of the PSA on or after July 1 following completion of the PSA's junior year of high school. An enrolled student-athlete may also receive telephone calls made by PSAs prior to July 1 following their junior year, provided there is no direct or indirect involvement by athletics department staff.
Student-Athletes who serve as hosts during a recruiting visit serve an important role for Oakland University. Prior to all official visits, student-athlete hosts must meet with the Athletic Compliance Office to review NCAA, Summit League and institutional rules. Specific rules regarding official visits are as follows:
  • Only one (1) student-athlete can be designated as an “official” host. Other student-athletes can assist with hosting responsibilities, but must pay for their own meals and entertainment. No cash may be given to the visit prospective student-athlete (PSA) or to anyone else.
  • A student-host may receive a maximum of $40 per day to cover all actual costs of entertaining both the student-host and the prospective student-athlete (and the PSA’s parents or spouse). An extra $20 per day may be provided for each additional PSA being entertained by the same host at the same time. These funds may not be used to purchase souvenirs (such as shirts or gifts from the bookstore) or any other Oakland University mementos. In order for a host to receive a complimentary meal during the visit (which is not included in the $40/day), a coach must be present.
  • Student-athlete hosts may receive a complimentary admission (by a pass list; hard tickets are not allowed) when accompanying a PSA to a campus athletic event that charges admission.
  • First-year/freshmen student-athletes are prohibited from serving as an official student host, as are non-qualifiers.
  • Student-athlete hosts may not transport the PSA (or those accompanying the PSA) more than 30 miles from the Oakland University campus. Also, student-athletes are not permitted to use vehicles provided or arranged for by any coach, staff member, or booster. PSA’s are not allowed to drive/use a student-athlete’s car.
  • Student-hosts cannot permit recruiting conversations to occur anywhere between the PSA and a booster or alumni. Parents of current student-athletes are only permitted to have recruiting conversations on-campus (with the PSA and/or his/her relatives or legal guardians). If an unplanned meeting occurs, student-hosts and a PSA may exchange a pleasant greeting, but steps must be taken to stop the conversation at that point.
  • A visiting PSA may engage in recreational or workout activities, provided the activities are not organized, arranged or observed by a coaching staff member. A coach may not be present during any recreational or workout activities, and the activities cannot be designed to test the athletics abilities of the PSA.
  • Student-athlete hosts are expected to display Oakland University’s commitment to the highest standards of behavior and character. Student-athlete hosts are responsible for avoiding inappropriate activities or participation in any unethical or illegal activities at any location that cause a perception of impropriety. Student-athlete hosts must not provide the PSA with any alcohol or other illegal substances.