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Extra Benefits

It is an NCAA violation for an Oakland student-athlete (or their family members or friends) to receive something that is not generally available to the rest of the student body. Staff members should NOT give transportation, payment of food or drink, or any other benefit to a student-athlete without first confirming that such an arrangement is not an "extra benefit".

The following are just a few examples of extra benefits that would not be permissible under NCAA legislation:
  • Car or any use of a car or other transportation;
  • Clothing;
  • Haircut or other miscellaneous service;
  • Gift(s);
  • Money, loan(s), a guarantee of bond or signing/co-signing of a note
  • Arrange a loan;
  • Free or reduced cost meal(s);
  • Telephone or credit card without charge or at a reduced cost;
  • Ticket(s) for any kind of entertainment;
  • Payment of long distance telephone calls;
  • Free or reduced merchandise from a merchant (unless it is available to the general public);
  • Free or reduced room and/or board from a booster, whether in Miami, their hometown or any other location;
  • Special academic arrangements (including tutors) such as typing reports, papers, letters, etc.;
  • Special discounts, payment arrangements or credit on a purchase (e.g., airline tickets) or service (e.g., laundry, dry cleaning).
Accepting an extra benefit will jeopardize a student-athlete's eligibility to compete in NCAA sports. Student-athletes are encouraged to "Ask Before You Act" and contact the Athletics Compliance Office before accepting anything that might be considered an extra benefit.