Golden Grizzlies Compliance

Recreation and Athletics Center, Room 201
569 Pioneer Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4482
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Student-athletes may come into contact with "representatives of athletics interests" or "boosters". A "representative of athletics interests" or "booster" is defined as an individual or entity who is known to have promoted, assisted, or contributed to an institution's intercollegiate athletics program. Once an individual has been identified as a "booster", the individual retains that status forever.

Boosters are not permitted to provide student-athletes with any extra benefits or to actively recruit for Oakland University. Arranged transportation, items at a discounted rate, special arrangements or services, and other gifts are a few examples of what constitutes an extra benefit. Boosters are permitted to provide a student-athlete or an entire team with an occasional meal and may also notify a student-athlete or his/her head coach of potential job possibilities.