Golden Grizzlies Compliance

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A student-athlete can lose his or her amateur status and become ineligible for competition if he or she:
  • Accepts pay or the promise of pay for play.
  • Enters into a professional contract.
  • Plays for a professional team.
  • Enters into an agreement (oral or written) with an agent.
  • Accepts a benefit from an agent or runner.
  • Promotes a commercial product or service, regardless of pay (allows his or her picture, name or testimonial to be used to advertise a product or service).
The prohibition for a student-athlete to enter into an agreement, either verbally or in writing, with an agent extends to both the present and the future. It is not permissible for a student-athlete to enter into an agreement to be represented by an agent in the future once the student-athlete's eligibility expires.

In addition, a student-athlete may not accept transportation or any other benefits from an athlete agent. This prohibition also applies to a student-athlete's relatives and/or friends. The term "agent" includes actual agents, runners and financial advisors.