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Academic Eligibility

In order to be academically eligible to compete at Oakland University, student-athletes need to satisfy the following academic eligibility requirements. These are the basic eligibility rules, but depending on your academic path, there may be exceptions to these rules. Student-athletes are encouraged to meet with the Student-Athlete Academic Services staff, and to utilize their services as a resource for academic success. Remember, your academic eligibility is your responsibility!

Full-Time Enrollment: must be enrolled in 12 credit hours or more as a regularly admitted undergraduate student (8 credit hours as a graduate student) in a regular academic term. A student-athlete in their final academic semester may be eligible for an exception, provided the student is enrolled in courses necessary to graduate (which must be certified).

6 Credit Rule (all SA's):
 must pass at least six (6) credits in the previous term in order to be eligible to participate in the next term.

18 Credit Rule (all SA's): must pass at least eighteen (18) credits combined during the Fall and Winter semesters of every academic year.

24 Credit Rule (SA's entering their second year of full-time enrollment):
 must pass at least twenty-four (24) credits before the start of the third semester (can include summer courses or other courses accepted by Oakland for credit (AP, IB, etc.)).

Declared Major Rule (SA's entering their third year of enrollment and beyond):
 must declare a major ("designated program of study") before the start of the fifth semester, and thereafter make progress toward that specific degree.

40/60/80 Rule (SA's entering their third, fourth, or fifth years of full-time enrollment):
 must meet the following percentage requirements in their designated program of study:
  • Must reach 40% of degree requirements by the start of the 3rd year.
  • Must reach 60% by the start of the 4th year.
  • Must reach 80% by the start of the 5th year
Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) Requirements (all SA's entering their second year of full-time enrollment and beyond): must meet the following minimum cumulative GPA requirements to be eligible for competition:
  • Must obtain a 1.80 GPA by the start of the 2nd year.
  • Must obtain a 1.90 GPA by the start of the 3rd year.
  • Must obtain a 2.00 GPA by the start of the 4th year and beyond.
Please note: all full time semesters are included, which includes attendance at other institutions; and the GPA required for NCAA eligibility may not be the same as required by your individual degree program or by Oakland University.