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Social Media

Social media is a communication tool that can be simultaneously public and private. There are several NCAA rules that coaches and staff members need to know pertaining to micro-blogging (e.g. Twitter, Facebook) and publicizing information. The Athletics Compliance Office is on Twitter and uses it to monitor, inform and educate. Please ask before you act and follow us on Twitter!

Before a prospect signs a National Letter of Intent, Written Offer of Admission and/or Financial Aid, institutions (including coaches and staff) are not permitted to publicize information pertaining to the recruitment of a prospect, except to confirm that the prospect is being recruited. It is not permissible for an institution to publish any information about a prospect's campus visit (official or unofficial) at any time.

It is permissible for a coach or staff member to micro-blog about generic information and locations visited; however it is NOT permissible for a coach to post the name, nickname, or other personally identifiable information of a prospect. It is not permissible to include information about or directed toward a specific prospect or to post video or audio materials directed toward prospective student-athletes generally, unless such content is produced by the institution's official admissions or student-services office and available to all students, or is not created for a recruiting purpose (e.g., interviews with current student-athletes or game highlights targeted to a general audience). Further, an athletics department staff member may not publicly promote or endorse a prospective student-athlete's team or coach, or an athletics facility that is primarily used by prospective student-athletes.

Because it is permissible for coaches to send prospects emails beginning September 1 (June 15 for men's basketball) at the beginning of a prospect's junior year in high school, coaches may correspond privately with prospects via social media websites (e.g., Twitter, Facebook) so long as they have reached the applicable age and all communication is private and viewable by only the sender and recipient, comparable to email.

Institutions may photograph a prospect during a campus visit, but may not use the photograph in permissible publicity and promotional activities until the prospective student-athlete has signed a NLI or the institution's written offer of admission and/or financial aid. Additionally, the prospective student-athlete's name or photograph may not be used in any promotional items that involve the purchase or receipt of commercial advertising (e.g., season-ticket advertisement in newspapers or on a billboard). Similarly, photographs may not be provided directly to the prospective student-athlete.