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Personnel Rules and Limitations

Outside Athletic-Related Income
An athletics department staff member (excluding secretarial or clerical personnel) is required to provide a written detailed account annually to the president or chancellor for all athletically related income and benefits from sources outside the institution. In addition, the approval of all athletically related income and benefits shall be consistent with the institution's policy related to outside income and benefits applicable to all full-time or part-time employees. Sources of such income shall include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Income from annuities;
  • Sports camps;
  • Housing benefits (including preferential housing arrangements);
  • Country club memberships;
  • Complimentary ticket sales;
  • Television and radio programs; and
  • Endorsement or consultation contracts with athletics shoe, apparel or equipment manufacturers.

Numerical Coaching Limitations & Duties
An individual who coaches shall be designated as a head coach, assistant coach, volunteer coach or student assistant coach by certification of the institution. Institutional staff members involved in non-coaching activities (e.g., administrative assistants, academic counselors) do not count in these limitations, provided these individuals are not identified as coaches, do not engage in any on- or off-field coaching activities and are not involved in any off-campus recruitment of prospects or scouting of opponents.

The table below summarizes the total number of head or assistant coaches who may be employed by Oakland and who may contact or evaluate off-campus.

SportLimit on # of Coaches &
Off-Campus Recruiters
Men's Basketball4
Women's Basketball4
Men's Golf2
Women's Golf2
Men's Soccer3
Women's Soccer3
Men's Swimming and Diving*3
Women's Swimming and Diving*3
Women's Tennis2
Men's Cross Country/Track and Field*3
Women's Cross Country/Track and Field*3
Women's Volleyball3

*Sports that are a combined program (all coaching staff members in the same sport are involved with practice activities or competition with both the men's and the women's team on a daily basis) may employ the total number of coaches specified separately for men and for women in that sport.

A strength and conditioning coach may conduct flexibility, warm-up and physical conditioning activities prior to any game and prior to any practice or other organized activities without being included in the limitations on number of coaches.

A non-coaching staff member with sport-specific responsibilities (e.g. director of operations, administrative assistant) may participate in organized activities involving only the coaching staff or may perform administrative duties (e.g. attend coach's meetings, track statistics, analyze video of an opponent). However, such an individual is prohibited from participating in instructional activities with student-athletes and any on-court or on-field activities (e.g. throw batting practice, assist with drills), and is prohibited from participating with or observing student-athletes in the staff member's sport who are engaged in nonorganized voluntary athletically related activities (e.g. pick up games).

Head or Assistant Coach
A head or assistant coach is any coach who is designated by the institution's athletics department to perform coaching duties and who serves in that capacity on a paid or volunteer basis.

Undergraduate Student Assistant Coach
An undergraduate student-assistant coach is any coach who is a student-athlete who has exhausted his/her eligibility in the sport (or injured to the point that he/she is unable to practice or compete ever again) and meets the following criteria:
  • Is enrolled at Oakland as a full-time student in their first baccalaureate degree program (except during their final semester with certification that they are carrying necessary courses to graduate)
  • Is receiving no compensation/remuneration from Oakland other than financial aid that could be received as a student-athlete and expenses incurred on road trips that are received by individual team members
  • Is not involved in contacting and evaluating prospective student-athletes off-campus or scouting opponents off-campus and does not perform recruiting coordination functions.

The limit on the number of undergraduate student assistant coaches is the same as the number of coaches in the sport (see above), and undergraduate student-assistant coaches do not count toward the team limit on the number of coaches.

Volunteer Coach
In sports other than basketball, it is permissible for a team to employ a volunteer coach without that coach counting in the numerical limits above. Volunteer coaches may not receive compensation/remuneration from Oakland's athletics department or any organization funded in whole or in part by the athletics department or that is involved primarily in the promotion of Oakland's athletics program (e.g. booster club, athletics foundation association).

Volunteer Coaches May NOT:

  • Receive or place phone calls to prospective student-athletes.
  • Write, e-mail, text or otherwise communicate with prospective student-athletes in writing.
  • Receive any on- or off-campus meals during unofficial visits. A head or assistant coach may not purchase an otherwise impermissible meal for a volunteer coach on- or off-campus.
  • Receive expenses for non-competition related travel, such as for conventions or professional development.
  • Travel with an assistant or head coach who is evaluating and/or contacting prospective student-athletes.
  • Coach or be involved in the same sport at a high school.
  • Receive cash bonuses, stipends or gifts related to their volunteer coaching position from the athletic department, the head coach or any outside groups, including booster clubs.
  • Own or be employed by sports camps that are not operated in compliance with NCAA rules and regulations.
  • Provide lessons to prospective student-athletes, unless under a permissible NCAA tryout exception.
  • Receive a complimentary meal in conjunction with a prospect's unofficial visit.
  • Receive complimentary admission to an Oakland athletics contest in a sport other than their own (for example, to attend a basketball game during a prospect's visit).
Volunteer Coaches May:
  • Purchase additional game tickets at face value.
  • Receive apparel that is incidental to coaching (i.e., shoes, shirts and/or jackets).
  • Receive the same awards as student-athletes for participation in championship events.
  • Receive parking expenses associated with practice and / or competition.
  • Travel with the team and be reimbursed for necessary and actual expenses incurred while traveling with the team (i.e., meals, lodging).
  • Assist the coaching staff with administrative duties.
  • Assist the coaching staff with on-campus recruiting activities (i.e., touring facilities).
  • Use an institutional vehicle for transporting prospective student-athletes to/from the bus or train station or nearest major airport for an official visit and/or the prospect's initial arrival at the institution to attend classes or orientation.

In Cross Country/Track & Field, an institution that sponsors cross country, indoor track & field, and outdoor track & field may use the services of one volunteer coach for each of the sports that it sponsors. Each volunteer coach may coach student-athletes in any of the three sports throughout the academic year. Additionally, an institution that competes in pole vault may use the services of one additional volunteer coach (to coach both genders), limited to coaching pole vault.

A manager is an individual who performs traditional managerial duties (e.g. equipment, laundry, hydration) and meets the following additional criteria:

(a) A manager must be a full-time undergraduate or graduate student, except that during their final semester with certification that he/she is carrying (for credit) the courses necessary to graduate;

(b) A manager may participate in limited on-court or on-field activities during practice (e.g., assist with drills, throw batting practice) or competition (e.g., assist with warm-up activities) involving student-athletes on a regular basis;

(c) A manager may not provide instruction to student-athletes;

(d) A manager shall not participate in countable athletically related activities (e.g., practice player) except as permitted above; and

(e) In baseball, a manager shall forfeit any remaining eligibility in the sport at the institution at which the individual serves as a manager.