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Account Access

Account Access

This section is dedicated to giving you an array of commonly used forms. Forms to give you an ADMNET or a Banner account and forms to let you gain access to Banner Advancement. There is also a form that will let UR staff request a mobile computing device and to help users understand the importance of data security.

Please refer to the OU-UTS website - - for the most current forms to complete.  The access forms needed may require your Admnet login, i.e. admnet/username and password. Route all online forms to signing supervisor first.
  1. Account Request Form  / Banner Advancement Access Request form 
    For "modify access" in Banner to APAIDEN, you will be required to take the Banner Shared Data training.  You can find the training by logging in at this link.

  2. ADMNET Access Requests - for ADMNet, shares/OUAR  - online form. 

  3. User Access Rules (FERPA)

  4. Mobile Computing Device Approval Form

  5. Account Request Form  / Banner Event Module Access Request form

  6. File Imaging (Documentum) Access Request Form

  7. Oakland University Student Employee and Student Intern Confidientiality Agreement

  8. VPN
* For supervisors hiring new staff, print and complete forms 1, 2, 3 and 4 and if necessary, forms 5, and 6 and if a student, form 7.  Submit to the Director of Advancement Services for approval.