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Working with Animals (AAT) course begins
2/25/2013, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Students learn which animal's temperament works best with animal assistant therapy. Restricted to students admitted to the program.The use of animal assisted therapy dates back hundreds of years.

Famed nurse Florence Nightingale saw
the value in animal assisted therapy, as did the York Retreat in London in the 1700s to help infirm patients. Oakland University’s Animal Assisted Therapy Certificate program addresses several health and social issues, including an increased need for alternative, innovative and holistic practices. Utilizing animal assisted therapy in educational, therapeutic and health care settings benefit at-risk children and adolescents, the elderly and other special-needs populations.

This program is supported by and listed under AAT on the Delta Society (the largest organization education, research and practice in Animal Assisted Activities and Animal Assisted Therapy) website.

Read more about the Animal Assisted Therapy Program.

The program is completely online with a couple of the assignments involving meeting with people in the field in your area and visiting an animal sanctuary,
shelter, farm, etc. The program includes five consecutive 8-week modules in the following areas:

                Module 1 – Intro to Animal Assisted Therapy (First half of Fall semester)
                Module 2 – Psychology of AAT (Second half of Fall semester)
                Module 3 – Special Populations and AAT (First half of Winter semester)
                Module 4 – Working with Animals (Second half of Winter semester)
                Module 5 – Capstone project (First half of Spring semester)

Since this is considered professional development / continuing education, students do not have to apply to Oakland University to enter the program. Cost for the program is $299 per course times 5 courses ($1,495). 

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Rochester MI, 48309
Contact Information
Amy Johnson
(248) 370-4065