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Fit Bit Workshop: "Fuel Your Body and Reach Your Goals"
9/16/2014, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Just like your car needs gasoline to run, your body also needs fuel for energy. And just like there are different grades of gasoline that you can choose from, there are also different types of food combination to fuel your body. Choosing the right combination of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, grains and low-fat dairy is essential to give your body the energy it needs, to protect you from chronic diseases and to help you reach yours goals. Join us and learn how to properly eat before and after your workouts, and throughout the week, so that you can reach your fitness goals faster. FREE Time: 12:10p and 5:30p *Must be a Rec Center member to attend.

Note: 12:10p presentation will be located in the Conference Room at the Rec Center (limited to 15 attendees)
          5:30p presentation will be located in the Wellness Classroom at the Rec Center (limited to 25 attendees)
Recreation and Athletics Center
Rochester Michigan, 48309
Contact Information
Rachelle Winkler
(248) 370-4911