Call for Nominations



 AP Assembly and AP Association

The Administrative Professional (AP) Assembly and the AP Association will accept nominations for open executive board positions from Monday February 5, through Friday March 16, 2018. Online elections for both groups will take place from Monday April 2, until Friday April 20, 2018. Participation is a great way to serve the campus community. Your service on committees and collaboration with other administrators provides the opportunity to exchange ideas and improve the quality of our community.  Please consider taking on this challenge in 2018.Read below for a description of each group’s mission and open executive board positions. If you are interested or know of an administrative professional who would like to serve in any of the open positions listed, please email your nomination to with the name of the organization in the subject line (AP ASSEMBLY NOMINATION or AP ASSOCIATION NOMINATION).

Questions on the AP Assembly or Association elections?  Please contact Ann Voorheis-Sargent,, for the AP Assembly, or Marie VanBuskirk,, for the AP Association.


The AP Assembly is a recognized organization within the university’s governance structure. We provide representation to the University Senate, make recommendations for university committee appointments, and serve in an advisory capacity to the president.  We also work to facilitate the professional development of our members and to recognize their accomplishments. We do not address wages, hours or working conditions.

Open positions:

  • President Elect (2018-21) – a 3 year commitment serving in the roles of president elect, president and past president
  • Secretary (2018-20) - responsible for recording minutes at meetings
  • Senator (2018-20) – serves on the University Senate and keep the executive committee apprised of Senate activities
  • (3) Members at Large (2018-20) – maintain communication between the Assembly members and the executive committee and assume committee leadership as chairs and chair-elects as designated by the president


The AP Association serves as a voluntary organization dedicated to the professional and financial interest of Administrative Professional employees at Oakland University. The association provides a means of communication among all Administrative Professional employees and the university as employer in matters concerning wages, hours and working conditions. The association strives to promote a climate wherein the university can best fulfill its role and mission and still offer opportunities for professional contribution, professional development and job security for its AP employees.

Open positions:

  • President Elect (2018-21) – a 3 year commitment serving in the roles of president elect, president and past president.  The president elect shall have all the powers and prerogatives of the president in the absence of the president.
  • Secretary (2018 - 20) - responsible for recording minutes at meetings
  • (2) Representatives for Bands J-R (2018-20)           
  • Representative for Bands S-X (2018-20)           
  • Member at Large (2018-20)           

 *Note than an individual may only run for one office