We have official processes and dedicated staff members in place to help make web jobs efficient and successful. The web job types you'll find in C&P include:
  • Web banner: a client may request a web banner for their website. Open the job in C&P and remember to change the status code to 210 Web Banner, New job Opened. There are also separate status codes for web banners (ex: 213 Web Banner, Client Edits Sent to Design, etc. Please do NOT use the print process for web banners).View step-by-step instructions. After the banner is approved, change the status in C&P and either upload it yourself or send it to the client to upload.  

  • Web button: buttons are a great way to emphasize certain items and calls to action on a department website. Web buttons are opened just like a regular job. Once the button is complete, change the status in C&P and either upload it yourself or if you need help, email ucmhelp@oakland.edu.   

  • Web graphics: this category could be used if you are opening a bunch of web banners and buttons for one site at one particular time, like during the new website development phase. Or if you need web graphics (homepage banner, Facebook graphic, Axis TV graphic) for an event. Once the graphics are complete, change the status in C&P and either upload them yourself or email to ucmhelp@oakland.edu for help uploading.  

  • Web tool: a web tool refers to a new application that requires development/functionality (i.e., the net price calculator, scholarship search, etc.). After meeting with your client, talk to Vadim and Bryan to determine if the request is within our capabilities. If it is, open the job in C&P and remember to change the status code to 510 Web Tool, New Dev. New Job Opened so Vadim is alerted. View step-by-step instructions for web tools.

  • New website development: this refers to a brand new website or one that will be converted to the new template. When speaking with your clients about the new template, you can show them our sandbox site, which contains a nice sampling of the new navigation, functionality, tabs, etc. Web redevelopment jobs are scheduled far in advance. Check with Bryan before committing the Web team to any new website development job. Once approved, you will open the job in C&P and change the status code to 410 Website, New Dev. New Job Opened. View step-by-step instructions. The process usually involves: 
    • Todd gathering data on the existing website (to see which areas of the site people visit most)
    • Using the data to work with Kathleen on suggesting new navigation
    • You working with the client to update content
    • Opening separate jobs for web graphics (see above and remember to change the status code of your website job to 420, Website, New Dev. Design Job Opened)

  • Web support: use the Footprints ticket system for various technical support or web help that's not covered by any C&P process. This can be web banner/button uploads, analytics requests, CMS user access issues, help laying out content on a page, coding questions, and whatever other technical issue that you don't know how to answer. Simply email your request to ucmhelp@oakland.edu and it will be assigned to the right person. You can even copy the client to include them on the ticket. 
The web team will counsel you along the way, so you are always supported. It is very easy to  make  changes on your client's websites, so in a way, these jobs are more laid-back than print.