We offer centralized photographic services to the campus community -- and it is all handled by Account Managers. Below are the typical photo requests you may receive: 
  • Photo shoots: be sure to get all pertinent info, like photography date and time, description of what/who needs to be photographed, and fund number. Then open the job in C&P and selectPhoto/Event for the job type. View step-by-step instructions. Your clients may also sign up for one of our pre-scheduled monthly headshots, which are intended for faculty and staff only and free of charge (you do NOT need to open a job for the pre-scheduled monthly headshots; Kelly Smith handles all of that!) After you open a job, remember to add the photography info to our Google calendar (ask Bryan Cain for access). Remember to change the status code in C&P to 310-Photo, New Job Opened.   

    For Rick Smith photo shoots: he will charge $25 to put the photos on the web (photos he just took) OR $60 for a custom gallery (if client requests specific images from past shoots). Clients can have the PDF contact sheet for free. Note: the photo release form should be filled out when photographing minors or when there is a reasonable expectation of privacy (which is infrequent since most shoots occur in public areas on a public campus). 

  • Photo reprints: collect all the typical info, like which photo(s) they want (include photo number whenever possible), quantity, sizes and fund number. You may order prints on behalf of your client by using Nations Photo Lab: 

    - Acquire the photos that you need to print in JPG format. Place them in a folder together.

    - Download the ROES Easy System from   If you save this in a convenient spot, you can just launch the program from your applications instead of re-downloading every time. You MUST have the latest version of Java installed, too. 

    Launch the program. If prompted, the account number is 89143.

    - Click “Order Products” up at the top right.

    - At the bottom left, select the folder with your images. They will import into the program for use.

    - In the top left drop-down menu, select "LUSTRE - no color corrections."

    - You may now select the appropriate photo sizes you require by clicking on them to select. Once selected, a template will open to the right.

    - Drag the photos from the folder at the bottom onto the template, one at a time. Once it is positioned properly, click “Add to Cart.” You may also change the quantity during this step.

    - Once you have ordered all of your prints, click “View Cart.”

    - In the top right, make sure it says you are shipping to a commercial address.

    - Check your order.

    - Click "Complete Order" at the bottom.

    - You will be prompted for information. Make sure you fill the appropriate billing name  and credit card information. You can use your own information for shipping purposes. Make sure your building address is listed as well as the campus address (ex: 2200 N. Squirrel Rd. / 100 Anibal House).
  • Photo search: conduct the search in Portfolio searching by "description" and "contains" and then the keyword(s). You may select images to download, or create a PDF contact sheet. Remember to read the photo description box, in case any photos are restricted for particular use.