Automotive Antenna Range Facility:
The outdoor Spherical Near-Field/Quasi-Far-Field Automotive Antenna Range facility is managed by the AEWL at Oakland University (OU). It has the capability of testing on-vehicle antennas in the frequency range of 800MHz - 6GHz. The range covers 360 degrees in azimuth and 90 degrees in elevation with 1 degree of accuracy in each axis. A single arm gantry with a radius of 10m holds the transmit antenna. The turn-table that supports the antenna under test (AUT) has a 6m diameter and a weight load capacity of 14,000 lbs, making it ideal to test antennas on a large variety of vehicles. 

Antenna Measurement Chamber:
The AEWL at Oakland University (OU) manages an antenna measurement chamber facility. The chamber is capable of testing antennas in the rage of 800MHz - 6GHz. The antenna under test (AUT) is placed on a 1m round edged GND plane. The chamber dimensions are 5.0m x 3.0m x 3.0m and the distance between the transmit and receive antennas is 2.7m. 

GPS/INS Truth Reference System:
The AEWL has a Novatel Black Diamond System (BDS).  The BDS is comprised of a high-end dual-frequency GPS receiver integrated with a ring-laser gyro.  The BDS can be used as a truth reference system to gauge the position, velocity and timing accuracy of automotive grade GPS systems.