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Adds, Drops & Withdrawals


Dropping Courses

After registration, you may drop a course by logging into SAIL, by fax or by certified mail at any time for a given semester until the semester begins. After classes begin, you may withdraw from all courses via SAIL, by fax or by certified mail until the last day withdrawals are accepted. For drop/withdrawal period date information, view the academic calendar.

If dropping by mail or fax, include your name, Grizzly ID number, course number, course name, CRN and semester. Mail to the Office of the Registrar or fax to (248) 370-3461.


Students wishing to reduce their course load must officially withdraw by logging into SAIL or by using the add/drop form when faculty permission is required. Simply notifying faculty or ceasing to attend courses does not relieve you from the obligation of officially withdrawing. Students who do not officially withdraw within the drop/withdrawal time period will remain officially enrolled, and instructors will assign grades as appropriate.

For drop/withdrawal date information, view the academic calendar.

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Adding Courses

Register for classes using SAIL through the first week of the fall/winter semesters. Add dates for summer vary by session (see the summer session information on the academic calendar).  The second week of late registration requires instructor permission which must be provided by the instructor or department to allow registration on SAIL.  Otherwise, you will receive the permission error.

Contact the instructor's department for information on how to add into closed courses. If unable to reach an instructor, contact the academic department.

See the appropriate academic calendar for details regarding registration, add/drop periods, and first-half and last-half session courses.

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add/drop form
academic calendar and important dates
Non-Dischargeable Educational Benefits

Oakland University may provide, extend or advance funds, credits and/or other financial accommodations to students to be applied towards their tuition and/or charges with the understanding that students will re-pay those amounts. All such amounts, other than scholarships, fellowships, stipends and/or tuition waivers, are loans and/or educational benefits that students must repay to the university together with late payment charges as established by the university. In consideration for allowing students to attend classes, students agree to repay the university for those loans and/or educational benefits and acknowledge that their re-payment obligation is not dischargeable in bankruptcy.