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Course Offerings

The program offers selected courses as warranted by student needs and availability of faculty. Specific offerings for each term may be found in the Schedule of Classes.

Visit the Oakland University Catalog for more information about the Women and Gender Studies program requirements.

WGS 200 - Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
Core course provides an overview of women and gender studies theories and methods. Strictly interdisciplinary and comparative in approach, offering a general education in women and gender studies literature, history, economics and culture. May be used in lieu of one of the College of Arts and Sciences’ distribution categories.

WGS 207 - Human Sexuality
Prerequisite: SOC 100 or 206. Identical with: SOC 207.

WGS 300 - Women in Transition
Focuses on life experiences unique to women. Major issues include identity and independence, marriage, childbirth, adulthood and aging.

WGS 301 - Special Topics in Women and Gender Studies

Course content varies. Representative topics have included: gender, ethnicity, and representation; black women in America; women in German literature and culture.

WGS 302 - Global Women / Global Issues
Examines the lives of women in a global perspective viewing gender, sex, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation as part of an intertwined matrix influencing life opportunities.  Focus on issues of health, war, religion, education, global economy and development.

WGS 305 - Anthropological Perspectives on the Life Cycle
Identical with: AN 305.

WGS 307 - Philosophy of Gender
Prerequisite: RHT 160 and one course in philosophy or one course in women's studies. Identical with: PHL 305.

WGS 308 - Population Dynamics

An overview of how social factors can influence population characteristics and how these characteristics, in turn, affect the social world we live in.

WGS 311 - Women and Politics

Examines the role of women in politics including political participation and representation.  Additional topics will include women and public issues (such as affirmative action and comparable worth, as well as an introduction to feminist political thought.  Identical with: PS 311.

WGS 320 - Feminist Theory
Overview of the development of the 19th and 20th century western feminist theories, with special emphasis on the history of the women’s movement in the United States and controversies in contemporary feminist thought and practice. Includes analysis of categories such as gender, sexual identity, race and class.
Prerequisite: WGS 200 and junior standing.

WGS 321 - Methods of Feminist Analysis

Explores how connections between epistemologies, methodologies and research methods are formed in traditional disciplines, why they are problematic, and feminist critiques of these epistemologies. Students become acquainted with feminist critiques of research and a range of research methods utilized by feminist scholars.
Prerequisite: WGS 200 and junior standing.

WGS 322 - Women in Modern America
An analysis of the role of women in industrial America which will examine the legal role of women, their presence in the labor force, and their participation in the political system.
Identical with: HST 322

WGS 335 - The Family
A comparative and historical study of the family.
Identical with: SOC 335

WGS 336 - Sociology of Gender
The social construction of femininity and masculinity through social interaction and social institutions. Focus on education, family, media, politics, economy and sport.
Prerequisites: SOC 100 or WGS 200
Identical with: SOC 336

WGS 337 - Women's Lives in Cross-Cultural Perspectives

The lives of women in a variety of tribal and peasant societies, noting how beliefs, rituals and taboos shape the stages of the female life course and how culture influences women's reproductive and economic roles.
Identical with: AN 337

WGS 339 - Women in Early Modern Europe

Assesses women's contributions to the changes and events of early modern Europe, examines women in the private and public spheres, and explores the dynamic of gender in studying the impact of women on politics, the economy, literacy and culture, and religious practices and beliefs.
Prerequisite: RHT 160
Identical with: HST 339

WGS 351 - Women in Art
The traditional image of women in art and the contribution of women artists in Europe and the United States from the Middle Ages until the present.
Identical with: AH 351

WGS 352 - Women at Work
A sociological study of women's domestic and labor market activity in historical context, with emphasis on understanding the causes and consequences of sex segregation.
Identical with: SOC 352

WGS 361 - History of American Families
History of American families as social institutions, emphasizing the impact of historical events and trends upon family composition, family functions and family life. Includes research in the student's personal family history.
Prerequisites: RHT 160
Identical with: HST 361

WGS 362 - History of African-American Women
Covers the collective and individual experiences of African-American women from slavery to the present, including the quality of family life, economic roles, and their activities in women's civil rights and political organizations.
Prerequisites: RHT 160
Identical with: HST 362

WGS 374 - Psychology of Women
Examines gender differences resulting from the socialization of girls and women, and the psychological impact of life events experienced exclusively or differentially by women. Topics include role conflicts, gender stereotypes, achievement and employment.
Prerequisites: RHT 160
Identical with: PSY 374

WGS 375 - Women in China
The history of women's changing position in modern China, including a survey of women's status in traditional Chinese society under the Qing (1644-1911), women as contributors to modernization in China during the revolutionary period (1912-1949), and their struggle for equality since 1949.
Prerequisites: RHT 160
Identical with: HST 375

WGS 399 - Field Experience in Women and Gender Studies
Field experience in women and gender studies with faculty supervision. An academic project involving field work or community activism around an issue of importance in women and gender studies. May not be repeated for credit.
Prerequisite: WGS 200 and 12 credits in women and gender studies or approved women and gender studies electives.

WGS 400 - Directed Research in Women and Gender Studies
Directed individual study and advances scholarly research in women and gender studies.
Prerequisite: Approval of faculty adviser and women and gender studies director.

WGS 401 - Advanced Topics in Women and Gender Studies
Course content varies. Representative topics include research methods in women and gender studies.

WGS 405 - Capstone Course

Provides students the opportunity to integrate their theoretical and practical work in women and gender studies. Students examine a subject using critical analysis and methodological skills, and demonstrate their abilities through class discussions, presentations and critical writing assignments.
Prerequisite: WGS 320, 321 or approval of women and gender studies director.

WGS 481 - Gender and Socialization in Schools

Provides an understanding of the role gender plays in teaching and learning, with emphasis upon socialization of girls and women in schools. Assists prospective teachers, parents and others in designing programs that reduce gender bias in our educational system.
Identical with: EED 481

Other women and gender studies cross-listed courses or approved women and gender studies electives may be substituted for the above listed courses, with the approval of the women and studies director.

Students must achieve at least a 2.0 grade in both WGS 200 and WGS 320. To maintain good standing, students’ GPA must average at least 2.0 in all other courses counted towards the major.

At least 28 credits counted towards the major must be at the 300 level or above.

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