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Senate Teaching and Learning Committee

TLC is a university senate committee dedicated to promoting the teaching function and the learning process. To this end, the committee sponsors incentives for good teaching and significant ideas and approaches to teaching and learning.

The Teaching and Learning Committee oversees the Educational Development Grants and university-wide teaching awards for Teaching Excellence and Excellence in Teaching. As a standing committee of the university senate, TLC initiates campus-wide projects to provide for a more structured outlet for reflection on both the teaching and learning process and the aspirations and accomplishments of the teaching profession.

Activities sponsored by the committee include on-campus workshops, coffee hours, luncheons, and a bi-annual newsletter.

According to Oakland University Senate legislation the Teaching and Learing Committee will consist of six faculty; four students; two administrative professionals; and the Vice President for Academic Affairs (or designee), ex- officio and non-voting.

Name Department  Email  Term 
Kim Holka (Co-chair)  SON 2013-2015 
Josie Walwema CAS 2013-2015
Cynthia Carver SEHS  2013-2016
Rebecca Cheezum (Co-chair) SHS  2013-2016 
Mary Dereski  School of Medicine 2013-2016
Katie Greer KL 2013-2016 
Mark Isken  SEHS 2014-2017
Ali Woerner CAS 2014-2017 
Joanne Freed CAS  2014-2017
Michelle Southward AP Assembly 2013-2015
Nic Bongers AP Assembly 2013-2015
Judy Ablesar (ex-officio, non-voting) Provost Office 2014-2015
Andrew Laux Student    
Nathan Catey Student    
Allyson Dekovich Student    
Kayla Baszczuk Student     

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If you have a comment or question about the Teaching and Learning Committee, please fill out and submit the form below. When you do, your submission will be sent to the chair of the committee. Make sure you supply a valid e-mail address, otherwise, we won't be able to reply to you.

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Each semester the Teaching and Learning Committee solicits faculty to write articles for the bi-annual newsletter. The newsletter is distributed to faculty during the Fall and Winter semesters. View the fall 2014 newsletter and the 2013 newsletter.

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6th Annual Leading Educational Change and Innovation conference
May 13-14, 2015

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2015 Educational Development Grant Proposal Guidelines

Please use the following guidelines when preparing your Educational Development grant proposal.  The proposal should be no longer than two pages double-spaced and must include ALL of the information listed below.  Applications that are longer than two pages and are missing any of the required information will not be reviewed.  Please submit the completed and signed proposal as a pdf file to Kimberly Holka ( no later than 5:00pm on March 23, 2015.  Questions and/or comments should be directed to Kimberly Holka at

  1. Title of Proposal
  2. Project Director
  3. School or Department
  4. Purpose and goals of the project
  5. Outcomes of the project
  6. Plan of work and significance
  7. Method of evaluation
  8. Budget (awards will not normally exceed $750)
  9. Project Director signature
  10. Department Chair/Department Head signature

The project purpose must involve one or more of the following:

  • Development and/or use of new teaching techniques
  • Development of a new instructional approach
  • Faculty development related to curricular responsibilities
  • Investigation of a teaching/learning problem
  • Evaluation of a method of teaching

The proposal will be evaluated by the TLC using the following criteria:

1. Purpose and goals/outcomes of the project
  • Is the project purpose clearly stated?
  • Is there a compelling argument for the value of the project?
  • Does the description of the project have well defined goals and outcomes?
2. Plan of work and significance
  • Is the plan reasonable and the timeline realistic?
  • How significant is the impact of the project?
    3. Method of evaluation
    • Is there a clear method of assessing and reporting the proposal’s impact?
    • Are project assessment measures clearly related to goals/outcomes?
      4. Budget
      • Does the line-item budget justify each item?
      • Is the budget clear, accurate and complete?
      • Does the budget follow the specified information in the call for the proposal?
      *Please note that funds may be used for student labor in conjunction with preparation of teaching materials.  However, funds may NOT be used in the following ways:
          • Preparation for accreditation or program reviews
          • Faculty salaries or travel costs
          • Food, food services, or photocopies
          • Purchase of software or hardware unless incidental to the development of the educational process

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        The Senate Teaching and Learning Committee is pleased to announce a call for nominations for the Teaching Excellence Awards. Each award includes a cash stipend and will be presented at the Annual Faculty Recognition Luncheon.

        Nominations may be made by any member of the Oakland University community, including students, faculty, alumni, administrators, and staff. Student nominations are a highly valued component of this process. Faculty may not self-nominate for the Award. Faculty are encouraged to announce this nomination process in all classes. Students are encouraged to consider a faculty member who has facilitated their progress during their undergraduate course work or during graduate study.

        The letter of nomination should address the nominee's accomplishments based on the following criteria:
        • Excellence in teaching methodology
        • Innovation in teaching
        • Continued growth and development in teaching
        • Distinction in the ability to stimulate critical thinking and facilitate student understanding
        • Inspiring role model to students
        • Exemplary service to students and teaching profession
        Nominate someone using the online form by December 8, 2014.  The Teaching & Learning Committee will contact the nominee about how to submit the required materials. 
        Previous winners and current members of the Teaching & Learning Committee are not eligible for nomination. A plaque showing previous Teaching Excellence Award winners is on display in the lobby of the Kresge Library.

        The Committee will contact the nominees and chairs of their departments to request additional information.

        A luncheon to honor nominees for teaching awards will be held on Friday, March 27, 2015 in the OC Gold Rooms B and C from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. View the flier.

        Current Recipients
        2014 Teaching Excellence Award Winner: Dana Driscoll, Assistant Professor (Writing & Rhetoric) and 2014 Excellence in Teaching Award Winner Vanessa Stauffer, Special Lecturer (English)

        Past Recipients
        The Teaching Excellence Award recognizes superior teaching, innovative instructional practice, high educational standards, the creation of productive learning environments, and the ability to inspire and motivate students. Nominations may be made by any member of the Oakland University Community. Nominations are reviewed by the Teaching and Learning Committee.

        * = Excellence in Teaching Award Winner

        Year Faculty Member
         2013 Barbara Oakley
         2013 Mark Doman*
         2012  Jeffrey Insko
         2012  Doris Plantus*
         2011  Mary Bee
         2011  Jenifer Wenson*
        2010 Mary Shannan McNair
        2009 Barbara Penprase
        2008 Susan Hawkins
        2007 Peter Bertocci
        2006 Dagmar Cronn
        2005 Carlo Coppola
        2004 Djamel Bouchaffra
        2003 Mary T. Stein
        2002 Jude V. Nixon
        2001 Todd Estes
        2000 Peter J. Binkert
        1999 Darrel P. Schmidt
        1998 Natalie Bell Cole
        1997 Dyanne M. Tracy
        1997 Toni s. Walters
        1996 Andrew Rusek
        1995 Brian F. Murphy
        1994 Jaqueline I. Lougheed
        1994 Ronald L. Cramer
        1993 Brian A. Connery
        1992 Jerrold W. Grossman
        1991 Anne H. Tripp
        1991 Bruce J. Mann
        1991 David L. Lau
        1991 Richard F. Barron
        1990 Ka Chai Cheok
        1990 W. Dorsey Hammond
        1990 Keith E. Stanovich
        1990 Jane M. Bingham
        1989 Carl R. Osthaus
        1988 Virginia Rader Blankenship
        1987 Robert T. Eberwein
        1986 Robert I. Facko
        1986 Richard B. Stamps
        1985 Delores M. Burdick
        1985 Gilbert L. Wedekind
        1984 Nigel Hampton
        1983 David J. Downing
        1982 Sheldon L. Appleton

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        At the end of each academic year the chair of the Teaching Learning Committee submits an annual report to the university senate reporting the activities of the committee to the university. View the 2013-2014 annual report.

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