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Welcome to The Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC) Website

Welcome to the Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC) website! TLC is a university senate committee dedicated to promoting the teaching function and the learning process. To this end, the committee sponsors incentives for good teaching and significant ideas and approaches to teaching and learning. The Teaching and Learning Committee oversees the Educational Development Grants and university-wide teaching awards for Teaching Excellence and Excellence in Teaching. As a standing committee of the university senate, TLC initiates campus-wide projects to provide for a more structured outlet for reflection on both the teaching and learning process and the aspirations and accomplishments of the teaching profession. Activities sponsored by the committee include on-campus workshops, coffee hours, luncheons, and a bi-annual newsletter.

On this Web site you will find information about the various functions of the Teaching and Learning Committee. We encourage you to browse the site and contact the committee if you have any questions that are not addressed in the pages of this site.