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The Student Affairs Assessment Team is proud to present our monthly installment "Assessment Highlights" featuring individual department's assessment initiatives. Watch for monthly highlights in your email!
Graham Health Center - September 2013
Graham Health Center surveyed 4,000 undergraduates using the National College Health Assessment, a national research survey organized by the American College Health Association. With a 14% response rate, 558 students completed the survey in late Fall 2012. The respondents roughly mirrored the demographics of OU's student body.

Impediments to Learning: Students were asked which health problems negatively impacted their academics in the last 12 months. From a list of 30 variables, OU students reported that anxiety, stress and work had the greater impact - far greater than the national average.
Top Impediments to Learning
Condition 2012 OU % 2012 National % *
1. Stress 38.0 28.4
2. Anxiety 28.1 19.3
3. Work 24.5 13.5
On the other side of the coin, fewer of our students use alcohol than the national average and those who do appear to drink less than the national average. Our students also use marijuana at a rate less than the national average. With regard to sexual behavior, our students have fewer partners but have higher averages of emergency contraceptive use, use a condom less than the national average and experience more unintended pregnancies than the national average.
Category 2012 OU Data 2012 National Average
Table1 Alcohol use* 52.1% 62%
Table1 Average # of drinks 4.14 4.66
Table1 5+ drinks in one sitting in last 2 w 20.5% 31.6%
Table1 Cigarettes (Daily Use) 3.9% 3.9%
Table1 Marijuana Use * 10.5% 15.3%
Table1 # of sexual partners 1.82 2.15
Table1 Used a condom most of the time or always* 51.7% 53.5%
Table1 Emergency Contraceptive use ^ 16% 15.6%
Table1 Unintentional Pregnancy ^ 1.8% 1.6%
* In the past 30 days
^ Within the last 12 months
Graham Health Center (GHC) has taken the results of this assessment and reached out to Professors in the Wellness and Health Promtion program to analyze the data related to sleep. With this effort Graham is hoping to increase programming for our students. All data can be found on the GHC Website.


GHC collaborated with Graham Counseling Center and focused on the perceived impediments to learning. From that Julie Proctor and Dr. David Schwartz took the results and developed a collaborative intervention program, iPause. This program is led by Peer Ambassadors and teaches stress reduction techniques to students. iPause was even awarded an OU Retention grant to help fund the effort.

Assessment Programming Tips
September: Make sure that you have everything in place to assess your goals. If your assessment involves a specific student population, do you have them in place? Make sure the staff who is responsible for the evaluation, know what they are assessing.
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