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                           MTD's August 2012 newsletter          Volume 18                                                                                              
Police Deaf Near Far Opening the Theatre Season
 This fall the theatre program will open its production season with the Michigan premiere of Police Deaf Near Far by David Rush, a complex play that explores challenging topics, many of them revolving around how the hearing and the Deaf communities relate to each other. For the first time ever at OU, every performance will be accessible to both hearing and Deaf patrons. Every year since 1998, the theatre program has offered some signed shows. Theatre Professor Karen Sheridan, who has an extensive background in mime, had worked in theatre for the Deaf in her hometown of Chicago and had long been committed to creating theatrical experiences for the Deaf community. At OU the perfect opportunity arose with the production of Children of a Lesser God in April 1998, which Karen directed.
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MTD August News
  Shortly before we went to press we were delighted to hear that one of our most distinguished alumni had been recognized as such by the university. The Oakland University Alumni Association announced the recipients of the 18th Annual Alumni Awards and among them was Joel Frederiksen, MM '90, Operatic Soloist, who received the Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award, which is given for outstanding professional achievement. He is an internationally renowned early music singer and lutenist, with a busy career, especially in Europe. On October 15, Mr. Frederiksen will perform at OU, bringing the mythical figure of Orpheus to vivid life in a critically-acclaimed program, which features repertoire from the late Renaissance and Early Baroque in England, France, and Italy. The 2012 Alumni Awards Banquet will be held on Friday, October 26, 2012 in the Oakland Center banquet rooms. Joel was nominated for the award by Professor John-Paul White with whom he studied while he was at OU.
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Behind the Scenes: Playwriting
 "All those involved in interpreting a play – actors, directors, technicians and designers – need to be aware of how a play is constructed so that they can do a better job of bringing the playwright's intention to life." So says Kitty Dubin, who has taught playwriting at OU since 1997.
A successful playwright herself, with a longstanding relationship with "her theatre home" – the Jewish Ensemble Theatre Company – Kitty sought out now retired OU theatre professor Michael Gillespie and convinced him of the potential benefits of such a class for all theatre students with arguments such as: "The more hats that theatre majors can wear the better" and "Realizing every line of dialogue is there for a reason and if you don't know what that reason is, you better try to figure it out."
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Kathy Boersma: A Life Backstage
We had our largest audiences ever in the performance season of the academic year 2011 – 2012. Record numbers of patrons enjoyed the work of our students, faculty and guests. The audience members took their seats, listened and watched in appreciation, applauded, and on their car ride home probably discussed the many hours or years of rehearsal and practice that must have preceded the performance. Probably almost none of them gave any thought to the hours of hard labor that had happened backstage to make the performance possible and might still be going on, even once they were safely tucked up in bed! Of course it's always that way in the performing arts. The glory goes to the performers, as it should. But while visitors may not recognize the hard work or the importance of the contribution made by the people who work backstage, we most certainly do.
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