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Benefits Corner
Representatives from Priority Health, HAP and Blue Care Network will be on campus Wednesday, February 17, 2010 from 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM in the Oakland Room of the Oakland Center to answer questions you may have about the new health-engagement HMO plans.

If you have questions about:

* The health risk assessment (HRA) questionnaire
* Choosing a PCP
* Required doctor visit and Qualification Form
* Coverage related questions

Please stop by during the event to get your questions answered. Representatives from Staff Benefits will also be present.

**The representative from Blue Cross Blue Shield will also be able to answer questions about the PPO plans and the Traditional Plan.

Deadlines are approaching for the online Health Risk Assessment and Physician Qualification Forms. March 31 is the deadline to have both of these items completed.

STEP ONE: Register online at your HMO's website.

STEP TWO: Click on the icon to take you to the health assessment.  The following table tells you where to go and what to look for once you've signed up!

 Assessment Title
Look for This
Priority Health
Health by Choice
 WebMD Health Quotient
 HAP Health Engagement iStrive
 BCN Healthy Blue Living Health Assessment

If you have difficulty getting logged into your account, please contact the benefits Office at 248-370-4207, or stop by 142 NFH between 8 am and 12 pm, or 1 pm and 5 pm for personal assistance.

STEP THREE: Contact your primary care physician to set up an appointment to fill out the qualification form for your HMO.  Do this as soon as possible, as some doctors are already booked months in advance for well-care appointments.  Copies of these forms can be found at your HMO's website if you'd like to print it out to take to your appointment.

REMEMBER!! All three of these steps need to be completed prior to MARCH 31, 2010 in order to continue to receive enhanced benefits from your HMO.  If you do not get these steps completed, your copays and deductibles WILL CHANGE.  Please contact the Benefits Office if you have any questions.


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Important Dates to Remember!!

February 17th-
HMO Meeting
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