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Holiday Greetings!
Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 7th is OU Night at Meadowbrook Hall's Holiday Walk.

Staff Member News

Please welcome all of the new employees that have joined us in November, 2009!

Jill Lawson, Office Assistant III; Registrar

Julie Urbano, Financial Assistant; Budget & Financial Planning

Vadim Garber, Interactive Designer/Web Developer; Communications & Marketing


Todd Welscott is the Assistant Director, Aquatics & Facilities Campus Recreation and has been with Oakland University for 2 1/2 years. 

Read about Todd's contribution to the University on Employee of the Month page.

Nominate a shining star for Employee of the Month!

The OU staff Employee of the Month sets the standard at above and beyond. Their cheerful, upbeat attitude stands out among their peers and positively impacts working relationships. They consistently strive to work more efficiently and increase productivity. This person is invaluable to the OU team.

Staff members who are selected for Employee of the Month receive much earned recognition as well as a designated parking space for 30 days, their name in lights on the sign at Adams/Walton and in the OC plus an invitation to a year end dinner with Dr. Russi and other VP's.

Anyone can nominate a staff employee who is past probation and has not received Employee of the Month recognition during the last 5 years. Click on the Nominate link to complete the online form.

Introducing the Manager's Toolkit

Regardless of your title, and whether you are a new supervisor or a seasoned veteran, if you supervise employees, this site is designed for you.  From the section titled Getting Started where you will find information on the development of a position to the section End of the Road which includes a Separation Checklist, the Manager's Toolkit has everything you will need for the career life cycle of your employees.  Click the image to take a look around!

Benefits Corner

2010 Benefit Confirmation Statements

Beginning on December 10, 2009, you will be able to go on-line to SAIL and view your 2010 Benefit Statement. Your individual Benefit Statement will include a listing of your benefit deductions as of January 1, 2010 as well as the covered dependents.  All employees are strongly encouraged to review their Benefit Statement to make sure the 2010 benefits they have signed up for are correct.

If you have questions about your medical or retirement benefits, please visit the Benefits Office in 142 NFH or contact us at

     Do you have a COLD, the FLU, or H1N1? 
Click here to find out the difference.

Trends in Healthcare - Vision 2010

Applied Management Systems, Inc. (AMS), a national healthcare management firm, forecasts the following top 10 trends in healthcare for 2010.

1. Focus on patient safety
Hospitals will dedicate themselves to preventing medical errors and improving patient safety at all levels of the organization. Wireless will be an enabler —helping to merge and deliver information to avoid errors.

2. Electronic medical records arrive
Electronic medical records will become a reality. Transportable "e-records" will help to support higher quality care, while protecting patient privacy and cutting costs. Cell phones will become the "key" and only communication device we will need.

3. Cost containment

As healthcare costs continue to increase, driven by medical inflation and volume growth, policymakers will consider limits on reimbursement rates for doctors and hospitals as well as technologies to reduce costs in the long term. Administrators will again be asked to do "more with less."

4. Pay for performance
Incentives to reward physicians and hospitals for quality care and improved outcomes will take hold. Modeled after the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' voluntary quality-indicator reporting system, similar "pay for performance" incentives will help improve the quality of patient care.

5. Information technology gets respect
As information technology is recognized as a vital part of hospital operations, consuming a higher percentage of the organization's budget, IT management will become an integral part of the clinical management process and member of the management team.

6. Consolidation of insurers
Insurers will continue to consolidate creating additional leverage in contract negotiations. Similar to company pension plans, our health insurance will become defined contribution not defined benefit.  401K-style health plans arrive.

7. Nurse staffing

Following California's legislation that sets mandatory staffing levels in reaction to nursing shortages, more states will consider similar legislation, prompting a deep fissure within the industry over whether such laws are necessary or harmful to staff and patients. The laws themselves will cause more shortages.

8. Healthcare professional shortage
As demand outpaces supply, the industry will increase compensation and develop pro-active recruitment programs to help promote healthcare careers at higher education institutions.

9. Here come the baby boomers!

The aging "baby boom" generation presents a major public policy concern for long-term care due to its size and anticipated use of resources, as well as boomers' "high maintenance" reputation compared to their predecessors.

10. The uninsured

The large uninsured and underinsured population will continue to present the system with a grave dilemma. Due to economic pressures the many working poor and young workers in their 20s will choose to be uninsured.

Training Update

There are a lot of things underway in the Technical Training and Professional Development department. Look for upcoming trainings on preventing identity theft, using the new OU event calendar, and adding forms and blogs to your university websites. Please visit our website it enroll in training.


Office 2007 LAB

Open lab for help with troubleshooting or specific needs in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007!  Drop-in is okay, or you can enroll at

Custom Training Options
Did you know that individualized training is on hand for you?  Technical training is available on a one-on-one basis as availability permits.  Please contact us at 248-370-4579 or to discuss your training needs and how they can be met.

Please visit our website it enroll in training.

Online Learning
Announcing SkillCheck

You've browsed the SkillSoft™ course list several times but don't know where to begin? If that sounds like you why not begin with SkillCheck™!

SkillCheck™ consists of novice, intermediate and advanced level assessment tools that will help place you in just the right SkillSoft™ class. SkillCheck™ measures general clerical abilities such as telephone, vocabulary, and customer service skills, as well as technical proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and Access. Each assessment takes about 15 short minutes. In just a couple of hours you can complete nearly every test!

With SkillCheck™ results in hand you'll have everything needed to put together a SkillSoft training plan!
Schedule SkillCheck™ today by contacting Employee Relations.

SkillSoft My Plan View

To make the most of e-learning commit time on your calendar in the same manner you would schedule classroom training. In just 15-20 minutes you can complete a SkillSoft™ training module.  Once you have blocked time, log into SkillSoft™ and organize your learning with the My Plan feature.  Use the Search-and-Learn function to browse by topic or keyword for SkillSoft™ course descriptions of interest. Click on the 'Add to My Plan' button and then complete the classes you've chosen on your own timetable.

Are you a new employee or maybe just new to SkillSoft™?
Add one of our suggestions to the My Plan view:

• Techniques for Improved Time Management
• Living a Balanced Life
• Information Security and the Internet
• Getting the Most from Business Documents
• Optimizing Email at Work
• Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
• Microsoft Office 2007: New Features
• Building Improved Work Relationships

Featured SkillSoft course:  Prepare for Certification

Are you interested in becoming Microsoft certified?  How about becoming a Project Management Professional (PMP) or a Professional in Human Resources (PHR)?  Have you ever wondered what it takes to earn a Six Sigma green or black belt?

If we have your attention then spend time browsing through those and many more SkillSoft certification topics listed under Business Certifications, Desktop Certifications and IT Professional Certifications. <link to skillsoft>

Online certification courses, combined with a pre-test module, are designed to prepare candidates for testing (arranged independently of SkillSoft).

Take a few minutes today to improve your life for tomorrow!

SkillSoft Job Aids and SkillBriefs

Did you know that most SkillSoft™ e-learning courses have printable supporting documents called Job Aids and SkillBriefs?

Job Aids are performance support tools that complement learning and assist in the transfer of knowledge and skills from courses to the workplace. Job Aids can be informational, procedural, coaching guides, or decision-making assistance. Use Job Aids when activities or procedures are not practical to memorize and for refreshing knowledge previously learned but infrequently used.

Now that you've made time to take an eLearning course don't concern yourself with writing pages of notes. Instead, capture the key concepts the easy way by printing the companion SkillBrief after completing the class. SkillBriefs are summaries of topics in Business Skills courses and are available in both HTML and PDB (Palm downloadable) format.

Access Job Aids and SkillBriefs by using the Search-and-Learn function. You can also get to documents within the course by clicking on the SHOW RESOURCES button.

Building a Better U

Building a Better U is the Oakland University employee wellness program that provides educational programs to help you maintain your overall health and wellness.  Watch for wellness programs offered through the UHR training web site. 

Shape Up OU!  Are you ready to make your health and well-being a priority?  Do you want to be around people who will support and encourage you? Then Shape Up OU is what you need to add health and wellness activities into your daily life.  Click here to learn more about Shape Up OU!


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