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Student Affairs Assessment Highlights - March 2014
Oakland University Student Affairs
The Student Affairs Assessment Team is proud to present our monthly installment "Assessment Highlights" featuring individual department's assessment initiatives. Watch for monthly highlights in your email!
Welcome to Financial Services Express! - March 2014

Student Financial Services (SFS) anticipates and responds to the financial needs of potential and current OU students and families. SFS supports students through financial assistance processes including financial aid, scholarship, loan, billing, and student employment services.

The beginning of each semester is always a very busy for Student Financial Services as we take care of student financial inquiries. During the first three weeks of classes in the Fall 2011 (week before, first week of, and the week after start), SFS saw nearly 6000 students. However, 265 of those students left the office without being helped due to long wait times. Student Financial Services evaluated its customer service practices and developed and implemented Financial Services Express.

Financial Services Express, similar to a concierge service, greets each student before entering the Student Financial Services office. By asking a few brief general questions, a Financial Services advisor assesses the student's situation and either provides quick helpful guidance or refers the student to an advisor for more in-depth assistance. Although no students are prevented from seeing a Financial Services advisor, most are thankful to avoid the potentially long wait time.

Graph 1

Figure 1. Student Financial Services customer service traffic 2011-2013 (Fall Openings: week before, week of, and week after the start of classes)

During the last three Fall Openings, the number of students waiting in the office to see an advisor has drastically decreased. Many questions can be answered quickly and effectively through Financia

Graph 2
Figure 2. Student Financial Services average student wait time 2011-2013 (Fall Openings)

Statistically, the greatest impact has been the 80% reduction in walk-outs and the 60% reduction in wait time. In Fall 2011, 265 students waited to be seen by an advisor but had to leave without assistance. In Fall 2013 that number dropped to 52; a vast improvement.

Through Financial Aid Express and other initiatives, Student Financial Services is progressively anticipating and responding to student's customer service needs in a quick, friendly and efficient way.

For 2014-2015, Student Financial Services plans to provide more student self-service kiosks so students can check their MySAIL status online with the help of a financial aid representative. This will empower students to feel more comfortable with accessing information online.


Assessment Tips
Watching trends in data can help you identify areas to enhance services.
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