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Message from the Dean of the SBA

Dean Mohan Tanniru
Welcome to SBA’s Center for Integrated Business Research and Education (CIBRE). As dean of OU’s School of Business Administration, I’m pleased to introduce such a center to the Metropolitan Detroit area. A strong addition to our economic landscape at anytime, the CIBRE at SBA opens at a critical time – when economic development and the support our businesses need to remain strong and remain in Michigan is of the utmost importance to our region.

This month, Oakland University’s School of Business Administration announced its new Center for Integrated Business and Research Education (CIBRE) focusing on preparing businesses, professionals, researchers and students for the rapid changes in today’s business world through the power of integration.

Through CIBRE, SBA is putting a mechanism in place so area businesses have a place to build the region’s economic future together with other professionals and researchers, while educating a work force that’s fully prepared for that future.
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Open House: All invited to learn about CIBRE, visit new Leadership Center
Oakland University’s School of Business Administration is hosting an open house, Wednesday, March 18, from 3:30 to 6 p.m., to formally introduce the school’s new Center for Integrated Business Research and Education (CIBRE) and officially open its recently renovated leadership and advising center.

Alumni, business professionals, partners and others with an interest in advancing Michigan’s economic development are invited to visit the open house to learn more about how CIBRE is supporting economic development in the region and enhancing the SBA’s focus on preparing business professionals, researchers and students for the rapid changes in today’s business world. The open house also will include tours of the SBA’s new student leadership and advising center, with SBA graduate and undergraduate students available as tour guides.

For more information about the open house and to RSVP, click here and also visit the SBA Web site at

Get involved in CIBRE
There are many ways businesses, business professionals and other individuals can get involved in the Center for Integrated Business Research and Education at Oakland University’s School of Business Administration. Whether you are seeking assistance, providing support or advancing educational initiatives there is an opportunity at SBA’s CIBRE.
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CIBRE Education: Bringing students and business together
Building on a strong history of transforming business education, programs and activities for SBA undergraduate and graduate students delivered through CIBRE equip students with the practical application of business education while providing them the framework to operate in a climate that evolves daily.

“SBA students gain this experience through the integration of CIBRE’s activities,” says SBA Dean Mohan Tanniru. “A foundation that blends theory and practice, CIBRE augments the SBA curriculum with the influence of today’s businesses and business leaders.”

New and established educational programs bring SBA students directly to the business world through CIBRE. Two programs connect high-achieving students with supporting businesses to solve business issues, while also linking the students’ educational experience to social, business and economic realities.
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CIBRE Professional and Community Education: Working together on critical education programs
Equipping businesses in multiple sectors with in-depth business expertise and continuing education is a long-standing tradition in OU’s SBA. CIBRE's professional and community education will continue the SBA’s outstanding professional education in financial planning, paralegal and CPA certification, product management, advanced placement, and the preparation of accounting, engineering and teaching professionals, while we continue to add new programs in project management, business analytics, entreprenuership and more.
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CIBRE Research: Applied research solving contemporary business issues
With a laser focus on research that solves today’s business problems while helping businesses prepare for tomorrow’s challenges, the CIBRE’s applied research projects serve as a focal point for thought leadership among academics and business leaders.

Relying on the strength of years of collaborative cross-disciplinary research within OU’s SBA, CIBRE builds on existing partnerships across OU’s campus and the world to research, analyze, disseminate information, manage knowledge and recommend solutions on a wide range of contemporary issues.

Topics include international business, global strategy with IT competencies; health care management; law; entrepreneurship; IS management and leadership, international marketing and branding; financial planning, governance and reporting system integration; virtual teamwork and communication; product life cycle management, and more.
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Top graduate students support economic development, gain real-world experience
Shannon Dougherty
Oakland University graduate student Shannon Dougherty has her share of experience in the work world, but it was the SBA’s new Experiential Learning and Innovation (ELI) program that gave Dougherty a real taste of the business world she plans to enter.

"It's different in an entrepreneurial start-up environment," Dougherty says. "I was able to see that. I got the experience of working in a company, but I still had a mentor to guide me."

Dougherty is one of the first students to participate in the ELI program, which is based in the SBA’s Center for Integrated Business Research and Education (CIBRE) and gives graduate students an opportunity to conduct research and analysis for Michigan companies preparing to make significant business decisions.
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Shaping the Future: Business Futures Councils at CIBRE
Engaging industry professionals in the future of business education and research is a hallmark of the Oakland University School of Business Administration vision and key to its – and its graduates – success. That’s the driving force behind the Business Futures Council (BFC), which brings senior executives from various industries together to engage them in a dialog on future business trends and challenges.

Hosted by the SBA’s Center for Integrated Business Research and Education (CIBRE) and segregated by industry, executives from manufacturing, IS leadership, health care, and global and entrepreneurial companies were invited to begin meeting in 2008 for intense discussions about critical issues such as: what should education in this field look like; what educational components can the SBA develop; what experiential activities should SBA students be encouraged to explore; and the role industry can play in education.
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Fiscal Fitness: SBA, YMCA partner to help youth learn about money
With fewer children learning the value of money at an early age, the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit is teaming with OU’s School of Business Administration Center for Integrated Business Research and Education (CIBRE) to develop a financial literacy course that lays a solid financial foundation.

The YMCA expects to reach more than 4,000 children, kindergarten through eighth grade, this summer when it incorporates the financial literacy instruction into its day camp program at 14 metro-area branches. CIBRE is developing the curriculum and training the YMCA's instructors through its professional and community education activities.
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SBA researches entrepreneurship to help boost economy
How do we rein in overconfidence and risky behavior and spin it into entrepreneurial success? How does innovation transfer into business growth? Two professors at OU’s School of Business Administration (SBA) are using data-based research to help answer these questions in hopes of spurring more innovation, entrepreneurship and business growth during these economically troubled times.

Associate Professor of Management Mark Simon is working with colleagues in Indiana and North Carolina, as well as SBA student Research Scholars, on several independent studies which analyze entrepreneurs’ decision process and how it influences their choice of action and chances of success. Specifically, he examines the paradox that entrepreneurs need to develop enough confidence to act on their ideas, yet remain open minded enough to make needed adjustments in order to be truly successful in business.

Jonathan Silberman, professor of economics, and Nivedita Mukherji, associate professor of economics, are determining how initial innovation, as represented and measured by patents, can be translated from idea formation into knowledge sharing and then converted into business growth and success.
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SBA professors take business approach to researching health care
The health care industry is the largest employer in Michigan and the U.S. It produces almost 17 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product. In short, it is a growth industry, and is expected to continue to grow well into the 21st century. At the same time, concerns over raising medical costs, increased malpractice insurance and the rapid reduction in related employee benefits has thrust the industry into a national crisis. No wonder concerned OU faculty members at the School of Business Administration (SBA) are spotlighting this prominent field within their research through the Center for Integrated Business Research and Education (CIBRE).
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Save the dates!  SBA 40th Anniversary celebration events
Celebrate 40 years of Excellence through Integration by participating in the SBA's 40th Anniversary celebration this Fall.  Mark your calendars for Thursday, Oct 8 - SBA Alumni, Faculty and Friends Golf Outing; Friday-Saturday, Oct. 9-10 - Business Conference: Organizational Transformation, celebrating accomplishments and wisdom of SBA alumni; and Saturday, Oct 10 - Gala Celebration Dinner.

Visit the 40th Anniversary Web page for more details. Make sure to share your OU SBA stories on the Personal Memories page, and take a stroll down memory lane at the SBA Timeline.

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