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                  MTD's March 2012 newsletter                   Volume 13                                                                                              
The World of Dance
  Who in the world doesn't dance? Some individuals, of course. We probably all know a person who may choose not to dance or who believes he or she can't dance. But in the larger historic and geographic sense, it seems unlikely that there was ever a group of people who could resist the urge to move to a beat. Surely, as soon as there was rhythm, there was dance, and rhythm can be created just by beating two sticks together.
  Before there was written history there must have been movement as an expression of emotion, ritual or celebration. In some ancient cultures, dance told stories preserved for generations without written record. In others, it produced a frenzy that prepared soldiers for battle or the trance-like state necessary for healing or prayer. And still today, in the Hindu tradition, the god Shiva dances to destroy, to sustain, to create the world. The earth's very existence is dependent on his dance. 
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MTD March News
  In February the department announced the winners of the 13th annual MaTilDa Awards. Open the envelope please . . .
The Alumni Achievement Award in Dance was given to Mary Bischoff Devitt and the Alumni Achievement Award in Theatre to Brian Dambacher. Student winners were: Outstanding Student in Dance Award, Meghan Sullivan; Jacob Decker Dance Award/Outstanding Dance Performance, Justine Gagne and Madeline Metzger; Maggie Allesee Distinguished Dance Student Award, Catherine MacMaster; Pat and Mercedes Nicosia Meadow Brook Estate Award, Lauren Keen; Gittlen Achievement Award in Musical Theatre, Alexandra McCaw; Gittlen Achievement Award in Theatre Design and Technology, Jeffery Block; Gittlen Achievement Award in Acting, Lauren Knox; Gittlen Theatre Award, Samuel Rohloff; Distinguished Musicianship Award, Megan Trewhella.
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Music Magic in March
 The students, faculty and guest performers of our music program provide the university and the wider community with a dazzling array of recitals throughout the year, covering many aspects of performance, from opera though chamber music, from Native American percussion to traditional brass band. And we can never really predict when the moments of real magic will happen. Indeed, those moments may be experienced differently by each individual audience member.
  But this March, we believe we can offer two pretty good "safe bets" for unforgettable musical experiences. Think of them not as March Madness, but as March Magic. We encourage you to get your tickets right now. They are not-to-be-missed events. And part of that magic will be location, location, location.
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Anthony Guest: A Life in Theatre
 When the musical Grey Gardens opens on March 22, it will be the first OU main stage production directed by new faculty member Assistant Professor Anthony Guest. Before joining the department last September, Tony had already enjoyed a life in the theatre, both as a stage professional and as a teacher.
  Tony is a Michigan native and he attended college at U of M Flint, where he was Pre-med, majoring in Biology. It was there that he met his wife Beth, who was a Theatre major. When asked what made him want to study theatre, his pat answer is, "A woman."
  By the time the couple graduated, they were married and committed to a life in the theatre. It was nothing short of a miracle that landed them both into the same MFA program the following fall, at The University of Missouri – Kansas City.
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Saturday 3/3
Dance Day

Sunday 3/4, 5pm
Oakland Chamber Players

Saturday 3/4, 7pm
Senior Dance Concert

Thursday 3/8, 6pm
Percussion Pops

Saturday 3/10, Sunday 3/18, 8pm & 3pm
Complete Mozart Sonatas

Wednesday 3/14, 8pm
Oakland Symphony Orchestra and Oakland University Symphony Chorus

Friday 3/16, 8pm World Music with Andy Narell

Tuesday 3/20, 8pm
Clarinet Ensemble Concert

Thursday 3/22, 8pm
Oakland Jazz Singers & Jazz Combos

Thursday 3/22, 8pm
Friday 3/23, 10am & 8pm
Saturday 3/24, 8pm
Sunday 3/25, 2pm
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Thursday 3/29, 8pm
Friday 3/30, 8pm
Saturday 3/31, 2pm & 8pm
Sunday 4/1, 2pm
Grey Gardens

Sunday 3/25, 2pm
Opera Workshop

Sunday 3/25, 7pm
OU Brass Band

Tuesday 3/27, 7pm
OU Chamber Orchestra

Thursday 3/29, 6pm
University Chorus & Oakland Chorale

Friday 3/30, 8pm
Alarm Will Sound

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