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SEHS Welcomes New Dean

This past summer, Oakland University's School of Education and Human Services welcomed a new dean into its fold. A special reception was held to introduce Louis Bertrand Gallien, Jr., Ed.D. to the university community in late September. The SEHS has long been privileged with strong leadership, and Dr. Gallien is no exception, according to Mary Stein, Ph.D., professor of science education and chair of the school's dean search committee.

"We could not be more pleased to have Dr. Gallien as our new dean, " she says. "In addition to Dr. Gallien's strong academic and leadership credentials, our faculty, staff and other stakeholders were very impressed with his inspiring passion and vision for the school. His commitment to education and service is very closely aligned with the school's passion statement, 'Making a difference in people's lives by creating opportunities for them to succeed.' Dr. Gallien clearly will move us forward as a school, and we are truly looking forward to a bright future ahead."

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Retired Interim Dean Bill Keane leaves imprint on SEHS
After 16 years at Oakland University, Bill Keane, Ed.D. is enjoying a well-deserved retirement. This June, Dr. Keane stepped down as interim dean of Oakland University's School of Education and Human Services (SEHS), a position he assumed in 2008 while the school searched for a permanent leader.

"The expectation was that it would be a one-year-assignment, " Dr. Keane recalled. "The school would find a replacement by the end of that year, and would no longer be dean."

However, when the search for a new dean was extended to a second year, Dr. Keane was asked to continue leading the school. The decision wasn't very difficult, he said.

"I found a lot of gratification in the job and my colleagues were wonderfully supportive," Dr. Keane said. "Also, I didn't want the school to experience another interim transition, and so agreed to stay on."

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Four new scholarships provide a timely boost to SEHS students

Four new scholarships have been established at OU, which will help further the education of several fortunate SEHS students.

The scholarships – the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship for Professionals in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics; the Jeff Dupuis Award in Human Resource Development; the Jerry Pine Memorial Award; and the Kern Weinstein Award for Counseling Graduate Students – were launched this past year, and the timing couldn't be better.

Because education is a worthy but costly investment, obtaining a scholarship can make a huge difference to a student. Particularly in our troubled economic times, donors provide a crucial service in helping award recipients to advance their educations.

The four scholarships are in addition to 17 established awards that are currently available to undergraduate and graduate students in the SEHS. To view the awards available to SEHS students, visit

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Kern Weinstein recipient Jason Wilkinson with Interim Dean Dr. Keane at the School's 2010 Leadership Celebration

Gifts to OU's Center for Autism OUCARES
Oakland University's Center for Autism Research, Education and Support, OUCARES, is the recipient of many generous donors this past year. 

The gifts benefit individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and their families by providing much needed resources to support unique summer experiences and popular art programming, increase access to programs through scholarships, and allow the center to grow with the hiring of a director for OUCARES. 

As a direct result of these gifts, OUCARES will be able to continue offering recreational opportunities in an environment welcoming, safe, and responsive to the needs of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

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