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The Student Affairs Assessment Team is proud to present our monthly installment "Assessment Highlights" featuring individual department's assessment initiatives. Watch for monthly highlights in your email!
University Housing Survey - October 2013
In the Fall of 2012 University Housing surveyed 1,500 residents using the Educational Benchmarking Instrument (EBI) and compared the results against the 250 institutions nationwide that participated in the survey. Housing was able to obtain over 800 responses resulting in a 55% response rate of students in the Residence Halls (excluding student staff members).

Specific Satisfaction: In this area, students were asked to rate each question on a scale of 1-7, one being "Very dissatisfied" and seven being "Very satisfied". In general OU Housing's results showed that our residents are more satisfied than the other institutions that participated in the survey. From a list of 105 questions, results showed that students were highly satisfied in the areas of safety, performance of staff, and respecting diversity.
High Satisfaction Areas
Condition OU Housing All Institutions
1. How safe do you feel in your building? 86% 81%
2. Respecting diversity 87% 78%
3. Performance of staff 81% 76.8%
Additionally, University Housing was able to compare results with a "select 6" group of institutions. For the purposes of the results below, the comparative institutions are: Central Michigan University, Northern Michigan University, University of Toledo, Wayne State University, George Mason University, and Western Michigan University. The results below show how University Housing compares to the select 6 as well as the 250 institutions who participate in the survey.
Category OU Housing Select 6 All Institutions
Room Assignment Process 55% Table1 57% Table1 54%
Food Quality 20% Table1 34.3% Table1 33%
Ability to study in your room 56% Table1 57.4% Table1 58%
Understand the consequences of 56% Table1 57% Table1 55%
Information Desk Services 74% Table1 64% Table1 62%
Satisfaction with Staff 76.2% Table1 69% Table1 70%
Promoting tolerance 80.8% Table1 72% Table1 72%
Has living in housing enhanced your learning experience? 60.6% Table1 60% Table1 61.6%
The percentages reflect the number of students who selected "Moderately satisfied" or "Very satisfied" with each specific question.
University Housing received the results of the survey in Fall of 2012 and looked at ways to make changes as a result of the data. As part of the EBI reporting system, Housing was able to breakdown each question by individual floor responses. Resident Assistants (RA) and Hall Directors (HD) were then able to look at smaller communities. As a result, RAs and HDs created programs around specific areas that were lacking in their communities. For example: a floor that reported a lack in academic efforts was then able to have programs that focused on academic outreach.

Additionally, one of the questions identified that 72% of students believed RAs took the time to get to know their residents. While that number was above the select 6 and all institutions number, Housing still wanted to improve. For the 2013-2014 academic year, Housing has implemented Resident Interviews that occur throughout the year in an effort to reach more residents more often and more intentionally.
Assessment Timeline Tips
Check-in to see how the assessment is going. Do you need to change what you are assessing?
Assessment Programming Tips
Use a clicker or tally system at major events to count your attendees.
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