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November 2013
Volume 2 - Issue 6

Tau Beta Pi's OU Chapter awarded at National Convention

Oakland University's Tau Beta Pi chapter went home with two awards from the 2013 National Convention in Ames, IA. They group was awarded the Membership award and the Project award for the 2012-2013 academic year.

The Membership award is given to chapters who show an increase in membership/initiates from one year to the next. The Project award is given to chapters who conduct an outstanding amount of projects given their chapter's size.

"It was an honor to accept these awards on behalf of the Michigan-Theta chapter at Convention this year," TBP, MI-Theta Chapter at OU President Jameson Carle said. "The hard work and dedication from last year's chapter has been very rewarding, which not only reflects well on our chapter but also on OU's School of Engineering and Computer Science. It is our goal this year to continue our chapter's stability and to further develop our involvement both locally and nationally." 

In addition to Carle, TBP student Tiffany Ohman and former chapter president Kimmy Romstad attended the convention. Romstad said these awards symbolize the incredible transformation the MI-These Chapter has undergone over the past year.

"We went from multiple years of low activity to being one of the best chapters in the nation," Romstad said. "However, none of this would have been possible without all of the support of our active members. I look forward to seeing our chapter progress even further this year."

The National Convention was held October 31st – November 2nd at Iowa State University.

In other TBP news, the MI-Theta Chapter inducted 17 new members on November 8th. New members are Christine Auxier, Max Sevak, Bryan Jagielo, Kendal Novak, Ron Telners, Chenxing Wu, Brandy VanLoo, Christopher Parks, Scottie Shermetaro, Vlad Dragoi, Steven Stewart, Christopher LeRay, Stephen Powell, William Schwartz, Katherine O'Kane, Seth Carpenter and Christopher Ross.

Jameson Carle (Current President of TBP, MI-Theta chapter at OU) and Kimmy Romstad (Former President of TBP, MI-Theta Chapter at OU).

ISE seniors gain experience through partnerships with local companies

Oakland University's Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) students have a unique opportunity through their senior design course to experience what their major is all about at local companies.  ISE 491, Senior Design Project, is a required class for seniors that allows ISE students to team up with employees of a company to design a system for an aspect of their business.

This semester teams of students are putting their engineering skills to good use at the Crittenton Hospital Medical Center and Rayconnect International SAS to develop better systems for their operations. Students Viki Gojcevic, Brittany Castillo, and Jon Essenmacher are based at the Crittenton Hospital Medical Center. Their team is working to make the hospital's medical equipment store more efficient, including the utilization of its space.

"Based upon these space improvements, we are suggesting a revised layout, optimizing and standardizing work processes, as well as formulating an inventory tracking system," Essenmacher said.

Weekly trips to the hospital's store allow the team to help integrate their systems into everyday use.

The team at Rayconnect is working with the company to design a new molding management system for the quick connector and fluid production company. Alongside company employees, ISE seniors Dan Tunis and David Leduc aim to design a new cellular layout for Rayconnect's molding machines.

Leduc, who graduates this semester and has been hired by Rayconnect as an Industrial and Systems Engineer, believes that this experience is beneficial. He plans to get an MBA someday. "This project will give me the experience and background that I will need in the future along with the project management skills to successfully launch a project from start to finish," he said. 

School of Engineering and Computer Science sponsors Grace Hopper Conference

The School of Engineering and Computer Science was a Silver Academic Sponsor at the Grace Hopper Conference, held last month in Minneapolis, MN. Representatives from the Computer Science and Engineering department were on hand to recruit potential students and promote Oakland University to 4,500 attendees. Assistant Professor Dr. Wenjin Zhou, Visiting Assistant Professor Dr. Xiaotong Lin, and doctoral students Allison Rossetto and Astrid Muriel Waindja Younang attended the conference. Dr. Zhou described the conference as a great venue to "inspire young women undergraduate (and) graduate students to work in Computer Science, recruit graduate students (and) recruit new faculty." Pictured above, from left to right, is doctoral student Allison Rossetto, doctoral student Astrid Muriel Waindja, Assistant Professor Dr. Wenjin Zhou and Visiting Assistant Professor Dr. Xiaotong Lin.

Engineering Center continues to take shape 

The School of Engineering and Computer Science's new Engineering Center continues to come along nicely. This photo was taken recently from the Science and Engineering Building.

Engineering and Computer Science Brag Corner

News and notes from around the School of Engineering and Computer Science.

Computer Science and Engineering

  • Associate Professor Dae-Kyoo Kim received a gift fund of $2,000 from Ministry of Security and Public Administration, Republic of Korea.
  • Associate Professor Mohammad-Reza Siadat is the Co-Chair of "Data Mining in Biomedical Informatics and Healthcare (DMBIH)" this year, with collaborators from Yale University, DePaul University and Universitat de València in Spain. This workshop will be held in the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM) in Dallas, Texas, December 2013.
  • Associate Professor Dae-Kyoo Kim presented the research funded by KETEP at Energy Tech Insight in Coex, Korea.
  • Associate Professor Dae-Kyoo Kim co-chaired Workshop on IEC 61850/61970 UML Unification in Seoul, Korea 2013.
  • Associate Professor Dae-Kyoo Kim has a paper "Design Pattern-Based Model Transformation and Tool Support" fully accepted for publication in Journal of Software: Practice and Experience (JSPE), 2013, SCIE indexed, impact factor: 1.01 (the journal is ranked 11th in Software Engineering by Thomson Reuters's Journal Citation Reports).
  • Associate Professor and Interim Chair Lunjin Lu and Associate Professor Dae-Kyoo Kim had a paper, "Required Behavior of Sequence Diagrams Semantics and Refinement," accepted for publication in ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM), 2013. SCI indexed, Impact Factor: 1.55 (the journal is ranked 2nd in Software Engineering by Thomson Reuters's Journal Citation Reports).
  • Associate Professor Dae-Kyoo Kim and his Ph.D. students Byunghun Lee and Sangsig Kim (graduated in April 2013) had a paper "QVT-Based Model Transformation to Support Unification of IEC 61850 and IEC 61970" accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery (TPD), 2013. SCI indexed. Impact factor: 1.53.
  • Associate Professor Mohammad-Reza Siadat has a paper is in press, which will be published in the Journal of Biomedical Informatics. Recent doctoral grad Dr. Christopher Gillies worked on it under Dr. Siadat's supervision in collaboration with Associate Professor Nilesh Patel (CSE Dept) and Dr. Wilson (Beaumont Hospital): Gillies, C.E., Siadat, M-R., Patel, N.V., Wilson, G., A Simulation to Analyze Feature Selection Methods Utilizing Gene Ontology for Gene Expression Classification, Journal of Biomedical Informatics, in press, 2013.
  • Associate Professor and Interim Chair Lunjin Lu gave an invited talk, "Conformance Inference for Sequence Diagrams," at Wayne University on October 29th.
  • Associate Professor Dae-Kyoo Kim gave an invited talk at IEC 61850 Technical Committee (TC) 75 Meeting on Mackinac Island.
  • Shamil Hadi, a doctoral student of Associate Professor Mohammad-Reza Siadat, gave a talk in the International Scientific Conference of Applied Biotechnology in October at Al-Nahrain University, Biotechnology Research Center, Iraq. The title of the talk: "Analyzing Effective Connectivity in Human Brain."
  • The CyberOU officers, overseen by faculty adviser and Associate Professor Huirong Fu, grouped together for Google's FixIt challenge on October 24th. They chose to debug and fix the Linux system. The Linux system they were presented with had (but not limited to) the following issues which we corrected: Inability to boot to the selected operating system; non-functioning track-pad, mouse buttons, pressure pad; redirection of websites via host file and cached data; fixed, static IP; disabled and locked wireless adapter; corrupted Google user profile on Google Chrome; corrupted Google Chrome installation (needed to run via command line); resetting a password for a user account via single user mode. CyberOU officers were the first team to finish "fixing" a Linux machine, and finished the system in about 20 minutes, finishing after the first Windows team by about 5 minutes.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Associate Professor Hongwei Qu is a co-principal investigator on the recently funded proposal titled, "Acquisition of a Scanning Microwave Microscope for Research on Materials and Devices" in the amount of $114,191 for the National Science Foundation's Major Research Instrumentation solicitation.

  • Professor Robert N. K. Loh, Witt Thanom, Jan S. Pyko, and Anson Lee, "Electronic Throttle Control System: Modeling, Identification and Model-Based Control Designs". Journal of Engineering, 5, pp. 587-600, 2013.

  • Professor Mohammad Zohdy was invited to join the Editorial Board as an Editorial Advisory Board member of the journal entitled Transactions on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Professor Ka C Cheok attended the International Joint Conference on Computational Intelligence in Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal, from September 20th-22nd. This conference focuses on advances in evolution, fuzzy and neural computing, knowledge discovery and engineering. He is currently working on an automated system of detecting breast cancer, which combines robotics, IR thermography and diagnostics.

Industrial and Systems Engineering

  • Professor Mike Polis has been elected by his peers to serve a two-year term as Chair of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers TAB Periodicals Committee.  In this role, he will be leading a volunteer Committee dedicated to the management of the lEEE's portfolio of more than 160 scientific journals and magazines, as well as lEEE's many Society and Council newsletters.
  • The ISE department was invited to provide a booth at the Siemens Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Detroit Regional Users Group meeting on November 5th at the Troy Marriott.  The meeting was to encourage users to share experiences, ideas, tips, techniques, process improvements and unique applications of Siemens PLM software with other users.  Over 500 engineers and managers attended the meeting.  Twenty-two companies presented displays, with Oakland University being the only university with a display.  The display was prepared and attended by ISE graduate students John Katona and Atul Khiste, with assistance from Professor and Chair Robert Van Til.  They talked with over 100 engineers and managers about the ISE department's PLM activities.

Mechanical Engineering

  • Distinguished University Professor Sayed Nassar received two research grant award notifications from the US Army TARDEC: a $796,736 grant for one year to "Investigate Delamination Failure and Root Cause in Thick Bonded-Layered Composites," and a $125,000 grant for one year to "Investigate Hybrid Joining of Dissimilar-Material Joints."  

  • Professor Brian Sangeorzan received a grant from Ford Motor Company to continue research on piston cooling. In summer 2011 Dr. Sangeorzan began studying piston cooling by oil jets in the NSF-supported Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program (Laila Guessous, PI).  Ford supported that project with the loan of some equipment.  In the 2012-2013 academic year, Ford provided a research grant to support a PhD student.  The research expanded a bit to include the oil jet behavior at cold temperatures, and Ford renewed their support again for the 2013-2014 academic year.

  • Associate Professor Laila Guessous won the Lorrie Ryan Memorial Poster Award at the 2014 Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching and Learning in Traverse City, MI. Her presentation, titled "Connections Class – An Easy Way to Improve Faculty-Student Interactions," reported on results of a classroom initiative that she has been spearheading in 100- and 200-level core courses in the SECS. The goal of this initiative, which has so far been tested by seven SECS faculty members, is to improve faculty-student interactions and enhance student retention. Funding for this project is provided through a mini-grant from the NSF-funded ENGAGE program (  
  • In fall 2013 Professor Brian Sangeorzan once again initiated the Quarton Imagineering Program at Quarton Elementary School in Birmingham. For more than five years, he and Associate Professor Xia Wang have been working with third, fourth and fifth graders at Quarton Elementary School, in Birmingham MI, in a before-school program designed to interest kids in engineering.  Each semester there is a theme, ranging from simple machines to energy, and three OU engineering students travel to Quarton, for 4-6 weeks, every semester.   The engineering students give a short presentation about a specific concept or principle, and then work with the students to build or test small projects.  The kids seem to enjoy it, despite having to get up early, and many come back for several years.
  • Distinguished University Professor Sayed Nassar graduated his fourth doctoral student in the last year; Dr. Jianghui Mao defended his Ph.D. on October 25th on "Damage Modeling of Bonded Joints." 


School of Engineering and Computer Science welcomes new Director of Developmemt

The School of Engineering and Computer Science is pleased to welcome Rick Rachner as the new Director of Development. Rachner's responsibilities in
clude overseeing and directing SECS fund raising activities.
"I am very excited to be a part of the OU team working on behalf of the School of Engineering and Computer Sciences," Rachner said.
"It's a very exciting time to be associated with Oakland. OU's ability to partner with alumni and corporations, enhance the student experience, partner with industry leaders, continue the outstanding rese
arch being conducted by our faculty, and to lead our next generation of engineers makes me feel very fortunate to be a part of this outstanding team," he continued.
Prior to joining SECS, Rachner worked at Western Michigan University. 


Tau Beta Pi Bake Sale
November 11th-12th
Outside of 201 DHE

Tau Beta Pi Toys for Tots Collection
November 11th-29th
Multiple locations:
Outside of 248 DHE
Outside of 145 DHE
Outside of 201 DHE

Dissertation Proposal: Avinash Konkani 
November 14th
3 p.m.
238 DHE

Dissertation Defense: Sumera Chaudhry
November 15th
12-2 p.m.
238 DHE

Society of Women Engineers fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings
November 20th
1234 Walton Road
Rochester Hills, MI

Dissertation Proposal: Bashar Khasawneh
November 21st
12 p.m.
102P SEB

Dissertation Proposal: Sarmad Istephan
November 22nd
2 p.m.
102P SEB

Tau Beta Pi Clothing Drive
November 25th - December 13th
Multiple locations:
Outside of 248 DHE
Outside of 145 DHE
Outside of 201 DHE

Thanksgiving Recess - University Closed
November 27th
Recess begins at 10 p.m.

Classes Resume
December 2nd
Classes resume at 7:30 a.m.

Fall Classes End
December 7th
Classes end at 10 p.m.

Final Exams
December 9th-14th

Fall Commencement
December 14th

Holiday Recess - University Closed
December 23rd - January 1st

Winter 2014 Classes Begin
January 6th
Classes begin at 7:30 a.m.

Detailed information about all upcoming events can be found at


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