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Issue Six - December 2010
Lean Thinking

Welcome to The Lean Advantage, the Oakland University Pawley Lean Institute e-newsletter.

The Lean Advantage is a quarterly electronic newsletter designed to provide useful information to our readers about the Pawley Lean Institute, our services, workshops and classes, and our student and client successes.

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Macomb-OU INCubator is the new home for the Pawley Institute

The Oakland University Pawley Lean Institute has moved to a new home at the Macomb-OU INCubator.

With high hopes of bringing the benefits of Lean to even more community members and local businesses, the Pawley Institute set up shop amongst growing businesses at the INCubator.

This move will open up the opportunity for the Pawley Institute to provide Lean trainings for INCubator and Macomb County companies as well as connect these companies with Lean student interns. Full Story...
Guest speakers share knowledge and experience with OU students
This fall semester featured many exciting and informative guest speakers in both Lean undergraduate classes taught by Professor Mark Doman.

Guest speakers for HRD 304: Lean Principles and Practices in Organizations included University of Michigan Engineering graduate Jeff McGuidwin, Ed Sosnowski from Uni-Solar, Debra Setman from Johnson & Johnson, Greg Boos from Henry Ford Hospital, and Jeffrey Engle from Takata.

HC 207: Lean Thinking also saw a myriad of guest speakers, including Sosnowski, Vic Zambardi from OU General Counsel, and the HRD 304 kaizen team from summer 2009. Full Story...
Going Green and Lean: Earn an Energy Management Certificate
Oakland University's School of Business Administration and School of Engineering and Computer Science are partnering to deliver a professional certificate program that integrates management and engineering perspectives to support current economic transitions to a new energy economy.

The Energy Management Certificate Program will prepare engineering and business professionals to differentiate themselves in their careers and help their organizations become sustainable enterprises.

Registration is now under way. For more information, please visit

Lean Thinking for Schools
Lean Thinking for Education Program
The Lean Thinking for Education Program, offered by the Oakland University Pawley Lean Institute, is running this winter at the Oakland University INCubator located in the Shotwell-Gustafson Pavilion on OU's campus.

Led by Dr. Shannon Flumerfelt, the program will focus on providing an overview of Lean principles and their application to education. The program has also been approved for SB-CEUs. Full Story...
How Well Does Your Data Drive Your Decision Making?
The Three Elements for Continuous Improvement

During a recent vacation, I was in a tourist area and noticed a sign at a local restaurant establishment. The sign read, "Order Your Cajun Fried Turkeys Here," followed by the local phone number, minus the area code. As a tourist, I was not familiar with the area code; so at the time, I wondered what it was.

In other words, if I was interested in ordering one of these southern culinary treats and if I was not familiar with the area code for this restaurant, this lack of real time information might be enough to sway me away from ordering the Cajun fried turkey in the moment I was ready to do so. In considering this simple omission, not posting the area code with the phone number, I thought about the gap created by this one key piece of information.

This gap of data represented a key disconnection between all of the work that this business owner had gone through to make this product available and the product being easily accessible to customers. Full Story...

For more information
Pawley Lean Institute
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Winter 2011 Programs

HRD 304: Lean Principles and Practices in Organizations
This activity-based course explores innovative ways to solve problems confronting organizations today. The course includes hands-on simulations, guest speakers and on-site tours.

Check out this Animoto video featuring our upcoming Lean Thinking for Education Program!

Program Survey
The Pawley Institute values your feedback! Please take a moment to complete a brief survey to help us better understand your interests and needs for future events and trainings. Click here to complete the survey.

Lean Book Collection
A new collection of books about Lean is now available for use at the Macomb-OU INCubator.

This collection, along with a similar collection located in the Educational Resources Lab in Pawley Hall at OU, is available to students and the community.

Learning Lean
Check out the Pawley Institute blog, Learning Lean, for the latest in Lean as well as news and events from Institute insiders!

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The Pawley Institute and Dr. Shannon Flumerfelt were featured in the Fall 2010 edition of OU Magazine in an article on Lean Thinking for Schools. Check out the article, Lean Learning!

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