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Message from the Dean
Student-centered strengths

  Dean Mohan Tanniru *

Building a student-centered culture -- one that includes a strong curricular foundation, extracurricular programs and physical space -- is a goal that OU's School of Business Administration is committed to. What began decades ago with an emphasis on introducing hands-on experiences to students has evolved into fully integrating experiential learning into our strong curricular foundation.

In this issue of SBA Insight Online -- and the print issue which is in production -- you'll read about the many ways how the SBA is living its student-centered commitment, and the benefits the students receive.


In this issue we feature the newly revised Scholars program, our CIBRE Summer Internship program and the new Ideas 2 Business (I2B) Lab, which was conceived in the SBA.

We're proud of the SBA's leadership role in launching the university's Ideas 2 Business Lab, which offers key business development support to entrepreneurially minded students, faculty and staff members of OU and Cooley Law School. Students who want hands-on start-up experience can apply for paid support positions available at the I2B. Check the I2B out at the Open House Thursday, Nov. 3, at 3 p.m.

On the research front, a student team completed a market study to support a local entrepreneur; and two international conferences showcased the SBA's research interests: a credit analysis and risk management conference and the 17th annual Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), which saw the participation of over 700 faculty and doctoral students from 45 countries. The AMCIS conference led to the formation of an institute that sustains business academic exchange.  

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*Image created by and supplied courtesy of Michael G. Mitchell, owner of Paonia Peddler Gallery, Paonia, CO. Mitchell is former president/CEO of an automotive supplier which sponsored OU SBA students in the ATiB program.

Start It Up: I2B helps OU entrepreneurs launch new ventures
Open house Thursday, Nov. 3, 3 p.m.


A new program introduced this fall will help OU community's budding entrepreneurs -- students, faculty and staff at Oakland University and Cooley Law School (CLS) -- gain access to the support and expertise to move from the idea stage of a new business, product or service, into implementation.


To support OU entrepreneurs, the new Ideas to Business (I2B) lab brings together paid student experts from across campus -- from business, technology, engineering, law and more, and teams them up with business professionals who serve as advisors. Called the Team Resource Group (TRG), this group counsels and assists the entrepreneur in crafting a business plan and pilot study to see if the business is viable. 


Through the I2B, the OU entrepreneurs will have access to the resources to help them explore, define and launch a new business venture. In addition, resources such as meeting space, product testing support and access to a network of other business professionals will be available in the I2B Lab in Elliott Hall, OU INC and other locations. 


This multidisciplinary approach is supported through key partnerships across campus including the schools of Business Administration (SBA) and Engineering and Computer Science (SECS), and the OU INC.

To introduce the I2B to the community, OU is hosting an open house Thursday, Nov. 3, at 3 p.m., at OU INC in the Shotwell- Gustafson Pavilion on OU's campus.

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Summer internship projects link business, community


The SBA put a wealth of energy, skills and enthusiasm to work for area communities this year through its 2011 CIBRE Summer Internship program. Participating undergraduate and graduate students took on projects for Auburn Hills, Clarkston, Eastpointe (in partnership with Roseville), Macomb County and Waterford.

The CIBRE Summer Internship program offers business students real-world work experience while providing a tuition stipend. Students work directly with business professionals, and they develop skills and knowledge that enhance their marketability.

This year marked the first summer devoted entirely to community engagements. Each of the partnering municipalities and organizations had turned to the SBA to help it address a need it lacked the resources or manpower to resolve on its own.


"It's a win-win," says Kent Roberts, who coordinated two partnerships this summer between the SBA and Waterford Township. "Students get to experience real-life learning, and communities have a resource they wouldn't have ordinarily had. Having OU involved also adds legitimacy to the projects involved. It makes the participants feel of more value, and it adds more structure."

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Supporting New Business

Software developer turns to SBA for distracted driving market research

There is no doubt in Mouhamad Naboulsi's mind that the technology he developed to prevent distracted driving has the potential to save lives.

But it took the assistance of Oakland University's SBA to help the founder and president of West Bloomfield-based iQ-Telematics to gather concrete evidence to confirm there is a market for his solution.

Thanks to expert market research oversight by Professor Ravi Parameswaran, SBA's management and marketing department chair, and survey work conducted by three recent SBA graduates, Naboulsi is now armed with detailed data to use in presentations to prospective investors.

"Without OU's SBA, I would still be looking for an objective confirmation of research I have done by myself," Naboulsi says. "Such research costs about $50,000. A small company like mine barely makes that kind of money in a year. 

"Having a market research study of this caliber completed by dedicated, talented business students and managed by very enthusiastic faculty gives the research solid credibility and strengthens my confidence in my invention."

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SBA supporter Tim Healy to receive Honorary Alumni Award


Each year, the Oakland University Alumni Association (OUAA) hosts its Alumni Awards Banquet to honor distinguished OU graduates and other university community members for noteworthy achievements in business, community service, volunteerism and more.

This year's event -- set for Saturday, Nov. 5, in the Oakland Center banquet rooms on OU's campus -- will recognize long time SBA supporter and Board of Visitors member Tim Healy with an Honorary Alumni Award. This award honors individuals who have not graduated from OU, but who have given outstanding service to the university.


The SBA's nomination for Healy's award notes that the contributions of Healy and his wife, Marsha, have helped transform the SBA into a strong scholastic community poised to change students' lives, right down to the addition of the Healy Cafe in Elliott Hall.

His involvement with the SBA is both personal and professional. Healy recently retired as president and COO of TK Holdings, Inc. – Takata, where he currently acts as an executive advisor. His philanthropy and volunteered time has provided enormous opportunity for SBA students. He has personally supported the International Initiatives Program, giving business students a unique and invaluable educational experience that allows them to learn abroad.

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Revamped Scholars program preparing tomorrow's leaders

Plan, Do, Change, Act: The basic components of a quality process. It's exactly what the SBA does to ensure its programs are preparing students to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing global business environment.

That's how the SBA Scholars Program evolved into a competitive business problem-driven case competition program for students in 2011-12 academic year.

Through the test phase, which began in 2007 with a Chrysler Corporation grant, the SBA gauged student interest in more opportunities to participate formally in community work, faculty research, peer-to-peer mentoring and other leadership building skills. Using the information gathered in the test phase from students and employers, the SBA remodeled the program to relaunch in Fall 2011.


Still a competitive program based on building leadership skills, the revitalized program now has a narrower focus on ensuring students develop -- and can use -- sharp analytical skills in any business setting.


Scholars is structured to help students master leadership skills through professional/personal development and practical application, enhance analytical and teaming skills through three judged case competitions complete with monetary awards, and begin building a professional network through a business mentoring program and their participation at select SBA events.

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Bridging the gap through engaged partnership


All business challenges can be overcome when the right minds are working on them, believes SBA Dean Mohan Tanniru, who is bringing academic talent to solve real world problems around the globe.

Tanniru has introduced the Business Academic Exchange – International, an institute that provides a global forum for industry professionals and collegiate researchers. Working together, they define a business challenge and generate testable solutions, educating students in the process.


Tanniru hosted the inaugural forum at the Association for Information Systems' (AIS) 17th annual Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) held in Detroit last August, a conference that he co-chaired.


While planning the conference, Tanniru reached out to businesses asking what IT challenges have stumped their companies and what is keeping them up in the night. He compiled a list of a dozen problems and distributed them electronically across the world to the academic community. These challenges served as a foundation for the forum.

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Conference Calling

Conference shines spotlight on SBA, southeast Michigan

When SBA Dean Mohan Tanniru agreed to co-chair the Association for Information Systems' (AIS) international conference held in Detroit in August, he did more than organize research discussions, panels and guest speakers.

He put Oakland University in an international spotlight.

More than 700 participants from 47 countries came together at the Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) to talk about the future of information technology and experience Detroit, the surrounding area and all that Michigan has to offer, including Oakland University.

It marked the first time the AMCIS conference was held in Michigan in its 17-year history. "It gave us a much greater stature by being there and being a regional sponsor. Those who attended now know exactly who Oakland University is," explains Tanniru, who also played a critical role in bringing the conference to Detroit through a persuasive presentation to AIS four years ago.  

The SBA's commitment sends a message to both the business community and its students, says Peter Trkman, assistant professor at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics, in Slovenia.


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Credit conference attracts national attention, focus on prevention of future financial meltdowns  


Scholars and practitioners from across the world gathered at Oakland University (OU) School of Business Administration (SBA) in late July for the inaugural International Conference on Credit Analysis and Risk Management. The three-day conference focused on expanding knowledge of credit analysis, and encouraging the development of new and effective models to make credit-granting decisions.

Hosted by the SBA's Department of Accounting and Finance, the conference offered nearly 60 academics and field experts with the opportunity to present individual research projects and interject in open-form discussion.


Offering keynote and panel discussions from experts around the world, the conference is attracting national attention. In fact, The Journal of Credit Risk has committed to devoting one or more special issues to the conference, and Cambridge Scholar's Publishing has contracted to publish an entire book on the conference.


Presentation and panel discussions over the three-day conference explored state-of-the-art credit analysis methods as well as techniques to manage financial risk. When used in practice, this analysis would help experts avoid financial disasters, such as the credit crisis in 2008.


Opening remarks set the tone for the conference, and invited all participants to be actively involved in discussion, encouraging them to share views from all perspective on the issue.

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