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Thursday, April 11, 2013 - Explore counseling methods, trends with summer courses
By Carin Inglis, media relations intern

There is still time to register for some of the unique and interesting courses that Oakland University offers in a variety of programs during the summer semesters. 

Among these summer options are several courses in the counseling program that cover a wide range of topics including counseling career exploration, sexual orientation, gender identity, significant loss and counseling supervision methods. 

Counseling courses draw upon a foundation of research and theory in philosophy, psychology and education. Students pursuing a career in counseling will learn how to to help people expand their potential, facilitate their development and live more satisfying and productive lives. To learn more about programs and courses in Oakland's Counseling Department, view the website at

CNS 264: Education and Career Exploration is geared toward personal career decision making. This two credit course provides an opportunity for students to complete self-assessments, research occupations and study the relationship between academic majors and future career options. Students can expect to complete multiple computerized assessments and inventories along with activities to aid in exploration, planning and goal setting.

The four credit course CNS 450: Foundations of Counseling provides an introduction to the field of professional counseling. Topics include the role of counselors in society, ethical and legal issues, basic counseling techniques, multicultural counseling and current issues in counseling. 

CNS 560: Special Problems in Counseling will feature the topics of sexual orientation, gender identity and education. It is the first course OU has offered that centers on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex and allied (LGBTQIA) community. This graduate course is cross-listed with EST 582, SE 590 and WGS 382. Prerequisite courses for CNS 560 include CNS 500, CNS 510, CNS 520, CNS 530 and CNS 540, along with instructor permission. 

“The course introduces students to the many elements of this diverse community,” said Tim Larrabee, associate professor. “It encourages students to reflect on how sexual minorities and gender non-conforming individuals are positioned in school systems and in society as a whole.”

Integrating Academic, Career and Professional Development, or CNS 274, helps nontraditional students with their unique academic and career planning decisions. Students make academic and career choices based on self-knowledge, decision-making skills, life experiences, family and other personal relationships, economic status and goals. This two credit course incorporates small group experiences and assignments to provide students with opportunities for reflection.

The CNS 577: Reaction to Significant Loss course covers the concepts of significant loss, behavioral and psychosocial reactions to loss, and effective counseling strategies. Topics in the four credit course cover losses due to death or divorce and loss of self-esteem and mobility. Prerequisite courses include CNS 500, CNS 510, CNS 520, CNS 530 and CNS 540 or instructor permission.

CNS 697, Seminar in Couple and Family Counseling, focuses on human sexuality. This two credit graduate course examines human sexuality from personal, historical, cultural and public health views. The course focuses on helping students integrate the physical, emotional, intellectual and social aspects of sexuality.

The two credit graduate course Topical Seminar, or CNS 690, will focus on Supervision in Counseling. Topics for the course address the roles and functions of counseling supervisors, major models of counseling supervision, mental health-related development, methods and techniques in counseling supervision and much more. Students in this course must be admitted into the Ph.D. program or have instructor permission.

For a full list of undergraduate course descriptions, view the catalog or click here for a full list of graduate course descriptions. For more information on the counseling program and courses, contact Diane Johnston at (248) 370-2018 or

To learn more about summer courses at OU, visit or watch the video below.

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