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Thursday, March 28, 2013 - Teacher Leader named for new Avondale OU lab school
Marcia Hudson has been named Teacher Leader for the new Avondale Oakland University lab school at Auburn Elementary.
Marcia Hudson has been named Teacher Leader of the new Avondale Oakland University lab school at Auburn Elementary in the Avondale School District. 

The new partnership school, scheduled to open in the fall of 2013, is organized as a clinical teaching model to implement best practices for student learning, student-teacher education, and teacher-to-teacher mentoring.

As Teacher Leader, Mrs. Hudson will collaborate with an educational team of teachers, counselors and administrators to create a school culture favorable to enhanced student learning and personal growth. 

In addition, she will facilitate individual students’ learning by developing skills, attitudes and knowledge to support academic and professional success, as well as promote engaging professional learning opportunities among colleagues across the district.

Avondale Superintendent Dr. George Heitsch welcomed Mrs. Hudson to the new Avondale Oakland University lab school and commended her leadership skills in initiating innovative programs that educate both students and teachers.

“Marcia has taken the lead in developing the lab/partnership school concept and brings a long list of credentials and the experience necessary to advocate for high-quality education for all. She, along with the Avondale School District and Oakland University, are at the forefront of delivering a dynamic learning and teaching model that builds a bridge between educational theory and practice,” he said.

According to Dr. Heitsch, Marcia was instrumental in implementing several recognized professional learning systems throughout the district, as well as at Auburn Elementary, where she taught first and second grades from 1988 through 2010. 

Her programs included the STARS Looping program, Cultures of Thinking, Learning and Leading, all day kindergarten, and the Teacher Lab, which was recognized by the Michigan Association of School Boards, Oakland County’s ‘Education in Excellence,’ and the Reid Foundation for literacy development and teacher leadership.

Mrs. Hudson currently serves as an Elementary Literacy Consultant to the Avondale School District and lectures at Oakland University about today’s responsibilities and opportunities in K–8 education. She received a Bachelor’s degree from Oakland University in Science and Social Science in 1987, and her M.A.T. from Michigan State University in Curriculum and Teaching in 1993.

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