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Monday, February 18, 2013 - All-University Fund Drive celebrates record-breaking campaign
By Alison Gaudreau, contributing writer

Tracy Huth and Eric Barrit celebrate the success of the 2012 AUFD campaign.
This winter, the Oakland University community celebrated a record-breaking level of commitment from donors to the 2012 All-University Fund Drive.

“When Dr. Russi spoke at the kick-off event in October, he charged us with creating a culture of philanthropy at Oakland University,” said Eric Barritt, vice president of Development, Alumni and Community Engagement. 

“I want to congratulate the university community and individual donors for responding to the charge and funding your passion.”

Barrit revealed the record-breaking level of commitment from AUFD donors at a lively celebration with more than 200 university faculty, staff and retirees in attendance. 

2012 AUFD achievements:

  • 674 people made gifts to the AUFD. These donors supported 240 different funds including eight endowments and 63 scholarships.
  • 59 donors made gifts to the United Way totaling $7,620.
  • 24 donors gave to the Black United Fund totaling $2,016.
  • 591 people funded their passions at Oakland and committed $316,266. 
  • After Dr. Russi’s matching funds this total climbed to $471,257.

Brittani Hobbs and Jen Root at the AUFD celebration.
At the event, Angie Schmucker, executive director of Planned and Annual Giving, shared some of the highlights of the fund drive, including the popular and successful online payroll deduction form. She also shared the results of a rivalry in the Academic Affairs department that ended with Mary Stein, interim associate provost, hosting a pizza party for Registrar Steve Shablin’s team.

This year, 14 donors took advantage of OU President Gary Russi’s match for qualified gifts over $10,000, and made planned gifts during the AUFD totaled an impressive $250,000. 

For the first time in the AUFD, 10 students made donations. The students, guided by Computer Facilities Administrator Peggy Chiu at the School of Business Administration (SBA) made contributions to the Center for Integrated Business Research and Education (CIBRE). Their gifts also took advantage of SBA Dean Mohan Tanniru’s offer to match gifts to certain SBA funds dollar for dollar.

Chiu was impressed with the students’ desire to be involved with the campaign. 

“The students worked together to decide which fund to support. It was a great learning experience for them,” she said.

Tracy Huth, director of Athletics and AUFD Co-chair, has a first-hand knowledge of the rewards of volunteering and giving back to Oakland through the AUFD. An OU alumnus, Huth was a student athlete and scholarship recipient at Oakland.  

“It’s all for the students," he said. "When I contribute, I know it goes to the students and what they will become.”

Building on the momentum from this campaign, the Office of Annual Giving hopes to keep the culture of philanthropy going throughout the year at Oakland. To learn more about the AUFD, visit the website at