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Friday, November 12, 2010 - SBA's CIBRE bringing international IS conference to Detroit in August 2011

More than 1,200 IS/IT academicians and students are expected to attend the SBA-sponsored AMCIS 2011 Conference in Detroit, Mich., next August.


One of the leading conferences in the industry, AMCIS presents the broadest variety of research by and for IS/IT academicians from all over the world. A conference of the Association for Information Systems (AIS) (, activities are primarily delivered by and for academicians, though many of the papers and panels have a strong professional orientation.


The 2011 conference will explore the theme "Renaissance of Information Technology for Sustainability and Global Competitiveness" by showcasing how IT can be a bigger part of the renaissance picture as firms worldwide focus on sustainability and global competitiveness.


The conference will focus on the responsibility of future IT innovations to support economic and social development. In other words, the need to seed ideas to address the challenges of a global society, such as:

  • Environmental sustainability -- reducing energy consumption and the overall carbon footprint of global chain values.
  • Economic and social security, and the well being of all citizens -- disrupting terror networks for global security, enhancing social and affinity networks for global understanding and to bridge our differences.
  • Global collaboration to solve persistent problems -- preventive health care, reduction of poverty and improving literacy.
  • Global work process and innovations to advance and leverage new knowledge -- bio space and nanotechnologies.

Specifically, AMCIS 2011 will:

  • Showcase the advances in IT that are part of automotive, health care and other emerging sectors.
  • Offer significant industry participation which will inform academicians on future IS/IT challenges to help shape future IS curriculum, contribute in panel discussions and play a role in the day-long industry session that precedes the academic conference.
  • Include panel discussions on advanced technologies and verticals (health care, manufacturing, etc.)
  • Highlight student project posters/presentations


"By bringing this conference to Detroit, the SBA -- through CIBRE -- is living up to its commitment to bring global researchers and practitioners together to better understand business, improve it and help it evolve," says Mohan Tanniru, dean, SBA, and conference co-chair. "This conference is known for presenting a wide range of research done by IS academics from all over the world.


"Given Michigan's recent economic challenges of the manufacturing and automobile industries, there is not a better place than Detroit -- which is undergoing its own renaissance -- to focus on the renaissance theme," he adds.


AMCIS 2011 will build on the strong legacy of previous AMCIS conferences, which began in 1995 in Pittsburg, PA. Since then, conferences have been held in places like Phoenix, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Long Beach, Boston, Dallas, Tampa, New York, Omaha, Acapulco (Mexico), Keystone (Colorado), Toronto, San Francisco, and Peru (South America) in 2010.


OU SBA faculty have a strong presence in organizing the 2011 event. The following faculty members are serving on the conference committee with Tanniru and other faculty members from universities around the world:  Xiaodong Deng, associate professor, MIS, as review coordinator; Balaji Rajagopalan, associate dean as program co-chair; Amy Rutledge, visiting instructor, as student volunteer coordinator; Sri Sharma, associate professor, MIS, as finance chair; and Vijay Sugumaran, professor, MIS, as tutorial and workshop co-chair.


For more information and details on the 2011 conference, see the conference Web site at