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Monday, August 16, 2010 - SBA Insight Online: Message from the SBA Dean

Spring and summer offers a time for SBA students to put their skills into action. Through programs focused on the SBA's core foundation -- integrative thinking, experiential learning and global understanding -- students gain the real-world experiences that enrich their education and help the regional economy. This experience also differentiates them in the marketplace.


In this issue of SBA Insight Online, you'll read about how the second year of our CIBRE Summer Internship program is giving a diverse set of 37 students a chance to see the advantages of integrative thinking and experiential learning. Both graduate and undergraduate students worked together on unique economic development projects such as market diversification, restaurant branding, lean thinking in operations and new business planning. Also, this year, the experience is augmented by the guidance

of executive mentors and the perspectives of students from other OU programs (nursing, journalism, engineering) as well as other states (Indiana).


Trips to China this spring offered a select group of graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture, learn how business is conducted across the globe, and see how cultural differences influence communication and business dealings firsthand. Other experiences include working face-to-face with students from China on dealer service projects (in partnership with GM and others), and with virtual teams in India on energy projects, and by working closely with SBA professors who are experts in these fields.


Also, in this issue, you'll see another example of this when you read about an Executive MBA alumnae who turned her capstone project into a nonprofit organization aimed at helping unused medications get to patients who need them but cannot afford them.


Through these experiences, SBA students and graduates are helping businesses, supporting the regional economic transformation and making a difference to the community.


These are just a few examples of how the SBA is operationalizing its core foundations of its Center for Integrated Business Research and Education, and strengthening the student experience by embedding it into the regional issues such as crisis management, competitive operations and industry diversification.

Through the contributions and collaboration of our expert faculty, alumni and business partners, the SBA is impacting the regional economic transformation.