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Monday, July 22, 2013 - SBA professor’s research garners attention, awards
Oakland University finance professor Dr. Ranadeb Chaudhuri (right)
Through his teaching and research, Oakland University finance professor Dr. Ranadeb Chaudhuri has made an indelible impact on his students, colleagues and the complex world of finance.

Since joining the faculty of School of Business Administration in 2009, Dr. Chaudhuri has quickly carved out a long list of specialties, including asset pricing, corporate finance, financial markets and investments.

Over the past few months, he has presented papers at major conferences, including the Finance Down Under: Building on the Best from the Cellars of Finance conference at the University of Melbourne in Australia. The conference accepts just 20 papers from a field of 300 applicants each year.

Dr. Chaudhuri presented “What a Difference a Ph.D. Makes: More than Three Little Letters,” a study he completed with colleagues Zoran Ivković from Michigan State University, Joshua Pollet from the University of Illinois, and Charles Trzcinka, from Indiana University. The research paper examines the way academic qualifications of money managers affect the money management industry.

“The paper started as a curious experiment and ended up as a big, feel-good story,” Dr. Chaudhuri said. “It’s nice to see money managers holding a Ph.D. degree outperform others who don’t have such a degree.”

The paper received the 2013 Talk of the Town Paper award at the conference, an honor given to the conference’s most “buzz-worthy” paper.

“It’s a unique opportunity to get a lot of face time with the big names in the field, which also helps raise Oakland University’s visibility,” he continued.

In January, Dr. Chaudhuri and co-authors Ivkovich and Trzcinka presented “Strategic Performance Allocation in Institutional Asset Management Firms: Behold the Power of Stars and Dominant Clients,” at the 2013 American Finance Association’s annual international meeting in San Diego.

The project investigates the practice of institutional money management firms who cross-subsidize favored funds at the expense of less favored funds managed by the same firm. The team is currently fine-tuning the study to submit for publication.

At Oakland, Dr. Chaudhuri is known for making his courses’ heavy material easily digestible for SBA students.

“If you have a question, Dr. Chaudhuri always takes the time to elaborate and help you understand the reasons behind it so you can apply it to what you’ve learned,” said accounting major and senior Rebecca Braga. “Not every professor does that, so he really stands out. He’s really funny, too.”

Dr. Chaudhuri holds undergraduate and master’s degree in mathematics from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur, India, and a master’s degree in mathematics from Purdue University specializing in computational finance. He earned a Ph.D. in finance from Michigan State University.

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