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Conditionally Admitted Graduate Students

Oakland University offers graduate admission to non-native English speakers for those students who are academically qualified, but who have not met the English language proficiency requirement. These students may be conditionally admitted and are required to enroll in ESL classes only until proficiency is met or concurrently with their academic courses until they meet the language proficiency requirement of the university.

  • Conditionally admitted students are required to participate in the ESL program which provides instruction in all English language skill areas. The classes are taught at three proficiency levels  (beginning, intermediate and advanced).
  • ESL courses are offered during the fall and winter semester (14 weeks each term).  During the summer there are two sessions (7 weeks each term).
  • Students may enroll in up to three ESL classes at their placement level each semester. The core classes offered are reading and vocabulary development, writing and sentence structure, and speaking and listening.
  • Students may choose ESL credit or non-credit options for their required ESL courses.

During the fall and winter terms, free workshops are offered to ESL students on a variety of topics to enhance students' learning. In addition, the ESL Center employs a graduate assistant who provides small group and one-on-one tutoring by appointment for free.