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Miller, Duane
Oral History given by Duane Miller a Former Chairman and Judge for Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance, on 3/29/11. He covers the history of the event, the people involved in the show, and what made the show a success: people, cars, and the venue. He also tells some memories he had of the show. Run time 9:31.
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Posted on 04/12/2011
/ People Sommers Don, Holls Dave, Teague Dick, Quinlan Jim, Rosenbush Otto, Iacocca Lee, Petersen Donald, Kughn Richard, Monaghan Tom, Lutz Bob, DeVeo Tom, Cussler Clive, Pitt Dirk, Estes Pete, Dodge John
Stamps, Richard
Richard B. Stamps, Associate professor of Anthropology at Oakland University, is regarded as a campus historian because he has been teaching at Oakland University for almost 30 years now. In his oral history, he talks of how Oakland University came to be out of a farm bought by John Dodge. His recollection expresses the idea of current buildings reflecting the activities of a time past. This oral history was conducted by Sophomore, Psychology major, Navin Mohanan on the 28th of March, 2011 at Richard Stamps' office as part of a class project for WRT 160, Winter 2011. Stamps' oral history is laden with plenty of information about the formation of Oakland University into what it is now. He opens up a treasure chest of knowledge that may be useful to researchers in the future. However, his Oral History lacks a personal connection; he talks more about factual historical information rather than his own unique experience. The amazing insight he possesses about the history of Oakland University is probably unmatchable by many currently on campus. The story of Oakland University's campus is perfectly collected in his Oral History, cut short only by his uncertainty of how long the digital recorder would last. Run time 19:43.
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Posted on 04/14/2011
/ People Dodge John, Dodge Horace, Wilson Matilda Dodge, Wilson Alfred, Austin George