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Benson, Carolyn
Carolyn Benson started visiting Rochester in 1953 and eventually moved to the area with her husband to raise six children. Today one of her grown sons owns the Benson family home and six of Carolyn Benson's 13 grandchildren live in Rochester and attend Rochester Community Schools. Benson shares family memories in this interview, conducted by Oakland University students Amy Robillard and Steve Rakoczy at the OPC Senior Center on May 27, 2010. Run time 5:43.
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Posted on 12/15/2010
Hollerud, Marie
Marie Hollerud has been a part of the Rochester community throughout her entire life. She speaks here about attending Rochester Community Schools, her memories of growing up with many animals, and things that have changed since her childhood. Recorded by Cornelia Pokrzywa. Run time 4:56.
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Posted on 02/23/2011