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August 2014 Employee of the Month

Custodian III
Length of Service: 14 years
Employee of the Month for August 2014

Anthony started working in North Foundation Hall about 3 months ago, but has been working at Oakland University for over 14 years. He is awesome!

Anthony goes over and above his duties. It seems as if he is always present in the hallway or offices - taking care of our floors, cleaning windows, vacuuming, dusting and picking up litter, just to name a few things. He will also bring lost items to Admissions so we can contact the owner.

If this is not enough, he does it all with a huge "SMILE." When Anthony smiles, you can't help but smile is contagious. He is always so kind and friendly which is always welcoming around a great institute like ours.

Congratulations to Anthony on his selection as the August 2014 Employee of the Month!





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