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July 2014 Employee of the Month

Office Assistant II
Length of Service: 14 years
Employee of the Month for July 2014

Kim Crawford works tirelessly in the Employment Services Office of University Human Resources (but always with a smile on her face) to ensure that all new OU staff hires - both full time and casual employees - are entered into the payroll system and eased through the paperwork process as seamlessly as possible. When hired at OU it is crucial that all legal documentation is completed accurately. Once the paperwork is completed - the employee information then needs to be entered into the OU Banner system. To make process this happen successfully - Kim works with all levels of employees throughout the university, guiding them through the requirements and again, doing so with a pleasant disposition. Her assistance can be required in the requisition process, in explaining the different hiring options available for hiring departments, moving students from student payroll to staff payroll, hiring full time staff, monitoring all required documentation, and working within bi-weekly payroll deadlines.

Kim often goes above and beyond the call of duty. For example, if a potential employee does not have a social security card - Kim will go onto the government website - find the closest location - and print out a map for the person. In addition, there are a few times a year when the work load really jumps: at semester end and when the golf course opens. The number of employees added to the staff payroll increases dramatically and it is always time sensitive.   To handle, Kim quickens her pace and again she accommodates all the increased number of employees being hired in an efficient, pleasant and timely manner. In doing so - she continues to make all new employees feel welcome!

Kim is a tireless worker and always puts the needs of her customers above herself. This is something you can see day in and day out.  She works behind the scenes with all the various departments to get their staff on payroll: no obstacles allowed!  I cannot end without mentioning the never ending candy dish that I'm sure most employees across campus have had the pleasure to indulge in!  Again - not required - but it never empties because she enjoys the smile it provides for her co-workers, new employees and the occasional children that enter our office as their Mom or Dad completes new hire paperwork.

Kim is a wealth of knowledge and a great member of the OU Team. 


Congratulations to Kim on her selection as the July 2014 Employee of the Month!

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