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6/2013 - Rob Sidelinger, Ph.D., and assistant professor of communication at Oakland University and Brandi Frisby, assistant professor from the University of Kentucky, authored the article, "Violating Student Expectations: Student Disclosures and Student Reactions in the College Classroom," which appears as the lead article in the regional, peer-reviewed journal, Communication Studies, 64, pp. 241-258. In the article, the authors examine perceptions of appropriate and inappropriate student self-disclosures in the college classrom. Participants were randomly assigned to report on either an inappropriate or an appropriate peer disclosure and the frequency, relevance, negativity, expectedness, likeability, and perceived academic competence of the student discloser. Results found that student disclosures are inappropriate when they happen frequently, are negative, irrelevant to course materials, or violate student expectations for classroom norms. Overall, disclosers who violate expectations are rated lower in liking and perceived as less competent by their classmates.

9/2011 - Rob Sidelinger, assistant professor of communication, along with Derek Bolen, Brandi Frisby, and Audra McMullen, published the article, "When Instructors Misbehave: An Examination of Student-to-Student Connectedness as a Mediator in the College Classroom," in the national, peer-reviewed communication journal, Communication Education (volume 60.3, pp. 340-361). Using systems theory as a lens, instructor misbehaviors were examined in the context of the college classroom to determine if student-to-student connectedness mediated the relationships between instructor misbehaviors and student involvement and effective learning.

9/2011 - Rob Sidelinger, Ph.D., and assistant professor of communication, and Dr. Jennifer Heisler, associate professor of communication and chair of the Department of Communication and Journalism, along with Brandy Frisby et al., authored the article, "Developing Student-to-Student Connectedness: An Examination of Instructors' Humor, Nonverbal Immediacy, and Self-Disclosure in Public Speaking Courses," which was selected as a top paper at the 2011 National Communication Association Convention that will be held in New Orleans this November. This national conference draws approximately five thousand scholars from around the world each year.

2/2009 - Rob Sidelinger, assistant professor of communication, earned a top competitive paper award for his article, "Co-constructing Student Involvement: An Examination of Teacher Confirmation and Student-to-Student Connectedness," which will be presented at the 2009 Eastern Communication Association convention being held in Philadelphia, April 23-36, 2009. Additionally, Dr. Sidelinger's (2008) article, "Couples Go Online: Relational Maintenance Behaviors and Relational Characteristics Use in Dating Relationships," appears in volume 11 of the journal, Human Communication (341-356).