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ASL Faculty Fellows

Apply for the Academic Service Learning

Faculty Fellows Seminar

Fall 2012

Academic Service-Learning is a teaching method that engages students in the community as a means of gaining a deeper understanding of course objectives,


ASL Faculty Fellows Program

The Faculty Fellows program is an intensive seminar that orientates faculty to service learning as a pedagogical method.  Faculty accepted must participate in bi-monthly meetings that introduce service learning theory and practices.  Through the seminar faculty will develop a service learning assignment for an existing course and implement the assignment in their course being taught in Winter or Summer 2013.

If accepted as a Faculty Fellow, you will:

  • Receive a $2,000 stipend ($500 after being accepted, $1,500 after participation)
  • Share, explore, and learn about service learning with other faculty members by attending a two-hour seminar twice a month during the Fall 2012
  • Revise a course syllabus which integrates a service learning experience
  • Teach the proposed course during the Winter or Summer 2013



The Office of Academic Service Learning is interested in assisting faculty in developing service learning assignments for courses they teach.  Faculty have diverse methods for engaging students in the course content of the classes they teach.  These activities provide educational enhancement and offer a constructivist educational model of cooperative learning. The emphasis on community engagement can improve student learning, develop citizenship, and provide students with a learning experience that engages them as participants of a learning community.  If you are interested in constructing and teaching a course with a service learning component, complete the application form by Monday May 21, 2012. Announcements about the selection of stipend recipients will go out in early July and the bi-monthly seminar will be held during the Fall 2012 (days and times will be coordinated with the facilitators and participants).

Stipend Amount:

A stipend for $2,000 is being offered to Oakland University faculty to develop and implement a service learning component within a current course that is scheduled to be offered in Winter or Summer 2013.  The stipend is in addition to whatever pay faculty are normally paid for teaching a course.


  • All Oakland University faculty--part-time and full-time faculty.
  • All Oakland University credit courses (except completely online courses)


  • Applicants must have the approval of their department chair to alter the format of the proposed course. This should be done prior to application to be certain that the course can be scheduled during the Winter or Summer 2013 semester.
  • Class enrollment size should be agreed upon by the academic units, departments, and instructor offering the courses.
  • If selected, applicants must participate in a semester-long seminar during the Fall 2012 semester (seminar meets twice a month, the days and times will be coordinated with the facilitators and other participants).   
  • The applications must be submitted to the Office of Academic Service Learning by Monday May 21, 2012.
  • If selected, the applicant will receive $500.00 (minus the usual withholding) in their paycheck from ASL after their proposal has been accepted. The balance ($1,500) will be paid after they complete their participation in the semester long seminar. (*Stipend amount pending final budget approval)


Applications will be judged by the coordinators of the seminar, according to the following criteria of preference. These are preferences but not requirements.

  • Connection of learning objectives to service learning pedagogy.
  • Faculty that have previously taught the proposed course.
  • Some knowledge of service learning pedagogy.
  • Representation of faculty form across the university.


Complete the application and send to:

Scott L. Crabill, Ph.D.

Office of Academic Service-Learning

160 North Foundation Hall



For more information contact the seminar facilitator, Scott Crabill ( or 3247).


Deadline for receipt of application is May 21, 2012