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Guest Gifts

Most events, especially a ground-breaking, dedication or opening, give a gift to each guest. Please be aware of the licensing requirements, as determined by University Communications & Marketing, when purchasing items that include OU marks. Check the UC&M website for a listing of qualified vendors. If used, the OU bookstore will internally bill the appropriate organizational account. Signer should obtain a copy of the receipt. Outside companies are paid as a vendor and require a purchase order. Gifts must be ordered in a timely manner so that they are secured well in advance of the event; always taking into account the purchase order process.
There are two categories of gifts: special participants of the event or presidential gifts. They are given to a select few, determined by the president and your department. Usually these are the speakers at the event (ie. the dais, the platform party, the program participants) and the key donors that made the event possible.