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After the Event

Closing out an event
To close out an event, a number of tasks must be completed: relevant samples should be included in the file, computer updates should be completed including attendance information, all materials should be returned and all bills should be paid.
In addition to the administrative tasks, the event should always be evaluated with the department head/committee to determine 1) if the event’s objectives were met, 2) how the event can be improved, and, 3) if any remaining issues need to be handled. Also, an email should always be sent to Dr. Russi and/or appropriate department head on the next business day following the event to gather comments and possible suggestions for improvement.
Thank you from Director or lead event person
It should be your department’s practice to thank the relevant university departments for their assistance with the event, particularly if a sister department has made extraordinary contributions. Negative feedback should be given only at the discretion of your department’s director.
A thank you letter should be sent to all participating sponsors and in-kind supporters as well as all event volunteers and major participants of the event.
Paying the Bills and Finalizing the Budget
It is recommended that the Accounts Payable department is consulted on payments where questions arise.