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Reserving Your OU Venue

Use the Room Capacities chart, Oakland Center or Meadow Brook Hall, and Types of Room Setups, Large Groups or Small Groups, when deciding upon the appropriate room for your event.
For events occurring at Meadow Brook Hall (MBH), Shotwell Gustafson Pavilion, a Golf & Learning Center site, or the Oakland Center (OC), a Catering Template must be filled out and emailed or faxed. If your event is to be held at Meadow Brook Hall or Shotwell Gustafson Pavilion, you must first verify that the date you request is available by contacting the appropriate contact at MBH. Once determined, fax or email the Catering Template and a sales and catering contract will be forwarded to you for your signature.  In most cases, the Hall and the OC will have chairs and tables and other equipment necessary for the event. Be sure to verify this information with OC or MBH when making your reservation.
Remember that the event manager and team/committee are all risk managers. All have the legal, ethical, moral, and fiduciary responsibility to provide the safest environment for guests. Here are some important tasks to accomplish as your prepare for your event: (1) announce the location of fire exits during the welcome portion of your event; (2) work with OU’s Risk Management department to discuss fire safety requirements as well as certificates of insurance from high risk outside vendors; (3) always be aware of opportunities for slips and falls; and, (4) prior to each event, bring together key stakeholders and ask them to identify probable hazards and risks and develop strategies for avoiding, reducing or transferring these risks.
When choosing a menu, it is always best to consider your guests, the size of the crowd, and the time of day. Once you receive the menus, make sure your department head and committee approve them before giving the final okay. Always ask for a vegetarian entrée option.