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Typical Work Order Requests

Work order requests must be submitted prior to the event in a timely manner to ensure that work is completed and that the correct account is charged. Common work requests vary depending on the building in which the event takes place. Use the work order request via our intranet system Note: Greenhouse requests (grounds and maintenance) must also be made via the work order request system.
Moving and requesting equipment
The Work Control department is responsible to perform moving tasks requested on a work order. However, this department does not provide the equipment in most cases. The equipment, such as tables, chairs, and easels must be reserved through two other departments: the Oakland Center reservations office or Meadow Brook Hall. If you are using an off-site venue or the Shotwell Gustafson Pavillion, there may be a need to use an outside vendor for equipment rentals. Check with the Purchasing Department to see if there is a need for bids from three vendors to determine best price. 
Depending on the location of the event at OU, cleaning requests are made through a work order request. Most events require a cleaning of the entry ways, nearby lavatories, glass, polished floor or carpet. A walkthrough is a must to make sure all is taken care of prior to the event. 
Grounds and plants
Most events outside of Meadow Brook Hall in large or bare settings will require plants from the greenhouse. A work order request should be sent indicating the number of plants requested, when they should be dropped off and a request for pick up following the event. A reminder call should be placed the day before the plants are needed.
Programs/Event Signs
After you make the appropriate arrangements, the UC&M department is the responsible for creating and designing the event program book and event signage; maintaining the same look and theme of the event. Once a draft is created, an approval is needed before the job can be finalized and printed. Make sure that all directional signs are large enough to be read from the street and, if doing an evening event, have reflective lettering. If you are just using event signs around campus, check the suggested vendor list for suggestions.