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Tristen Buvoltz

Tristen Buvoltz

Hometown: Warren, Pa.

Career Plans? Upon completion of my undergraduate degree in biology, I plan to attend med school. My goal is to specialize in dermatology.

What do you like best about your major or area of study? I have enjoyed my psychology class the most. I also like knowing that I am working toward a degree that will empower me to help others.

How are you funding your education?
As a benefit of my military service, the Post-9/11 GI Bill is funding my education. In addition, I received the transfer student scholarship.

How have scholarships empowered you? Scholarships have allowed me to dedicate more time to my studies and be more involved in student life on campus, predominantly with the student veterans organization.

Do you work while attending school? While I do not work a regular schedule, I work as a contractor for a dental service management company which provides services to the military.

What student organizations or sports are you involved in? I am president of Student Veterans of Oakland University, an active member of the Global Brigades health and development movement, and a member of the pre-med society.

What makes OU special?
Oakland University is so special to me because they are exceptionally veteran friendly!

What is your favorite building? My favorite building is the Human Health Building.

Favorite spot on campus? My favorite spot on campus is the Veterans Liaison Office.

Any hidden/secret talents? My elbows are double-jointed!

What is the most memorable thing you have done on OU’s campus?
The most memorable thing I have done on campus was the January 2013 tailgate, my first planned event with the veterans. We grossly overestimated the amount of food needed and so we donated the leftovers to the veterans shelter in Detroit. It was so great to see how such a small donation made so many people so happy. This also cascaded to inviting some of the veterans from the shelter to an OU basketball game and a clothing drive to benefit the shelter.

"Your gift matters to me because there are many circumstances that may prevent a student from attending school, and unfortunately school is very expensive. Your gift helps give a student peace of mind that at least a portion of his or her semester is being paid for and not accumulating interest."