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Helpful Terms

Audited Courses - You cannot be certified/draw benefits for an audited course.

Changing Majors
 - If you are changing your major, you must notify the certifying official in the Office of the Registrar and provide a plan of work for the new major.

Changing Schools - If you are transferring either to Oakland University or from Oakland University to another school and are already receiving your benefits, you need to fill out a Change of Program or Place of Training form, (22-1995), (22-5495 for Chapter 35 recipients). This form can be picked up at the Office of the Registrar or the application can be completed online. Submit this form to the school to which you are transferring your benefits.

Drop Period (no record) - For VA purposes, the drop period is a reasonably brief period of time at the beginning of a term officially designated by the school for dropping courses. The school’s last day to drop a course will be the end of the drop period, providing it does not exceed 30 days from the first day of the term.

Dropping a Course - If you drop a course during the semester/term, the VA may consider the drop retroactive to the start of the semester/course provided mitigating circumstances exist. If dropping classes changes your enrollment status, an overpayment situation may occur.

Guest Student Certification – If you will be a guest student at another institution, complete the Guest Student application and notify the certifying official in the Office of the Registrar. A parent school letter will be sent to the other institution indicating that the courses you are taking will satisfy the degree requirements at Oakland University.

Independent Study - During a regular semester, independent study can be counted toward your enrollment status. (It is best to check with the Office of the Registrar as other criteria also may apply.)

Miscellaneous - Classes with hours by arrangement, internship, etc., may require additional information from your department before OU can complete the certification process. Please submit any documentation regarding special classes to the Office of the Registrar.

Plan of Work – The Plan of Work (also may be called a Plan of Study, Advising Form, or Individual Program Plan) should list all course work you will be required to complete to obtain your intended degree. Any class you wish certified to the VA for receipt of benefits must be either: 1) listed on the Plan of Work OR 2) confirmed (in writing) by your academic adviser that the course will be applicable to your degree program.

Repeating a Course - Courses that are failed or for which the grade does not meet minimum requirements for graduation may be certified for VA purposes if they are repeated. Courses that are successfully completed may not be certified for VA purposes if they are repeated.

Unsatisfactory Progress - You must maintain satisfactory progress to continue receiving your benefits. The VA will terminate your benefits when probationary status continues past two semesters.

“W” Grades - The VA will not credit a course toward your enrollment status if the final grade is a “W". This can lead to an overpayment situation at the end of a semester.