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Workshops - Fall 2012 Schedule

Faculty Development 2012-2013
Early Career/Emerging Faculty and Advancing/Evolving Faculty

is happy to announce that we will be providing a range of workshops and faculty development institutes (FDIs) throughout the 2012- 2013 academic year aimed at meeting the needs of “emerging faculty” and “advancing/evolving faculty”.

Emerging Faculty are typically new, junior, or early career faculty who seek support and mentoring in developing essential skills and techniques in effective teaching and learning. We will be providing a series of workshops entitled “The Nuts and Bolts of Teaching and Learning”. In addition, we will offer a yearlong Mentoring Program called “Faculty Development Institute- Mentoring for Emerging Faculty” (MEF) facilitated by the Director of CETL, Judy Ableser.
For faculty who feel they have mastered the basics, and want to continue to Advance/Evolve we will be providing workshops called “The Extras and Upgrades of Teaching and Learning”. These workshops will revisit some of the more important aspects of teaching but will also encourage faculty to transform and expand their knowledge and skills through innovative and creative techniques. In addition, we will facilitate year-long coaching through three Faculty Development Institutes for Advancing Faculty: Flipped Classrooms facilitated by our Faculty Fellow, Barbara Penprase or Problem Based Learning facilitated by our Faculty Fellow, Eileen Johnson and the continuation of the Writing to Learn FDI.
Our workshops are open to all full and part-time faculty and instructors. “Not so new” Faculty are welcome to attend the Nuts and Bolts workshops if they feel the topics are relevant to them, and “Early Career Faculty” can join in the “Upgrades and Extras”. Participants should register for each workshop separately on this under the “workshop” tabs.) We try to offer the workshops on different days to accommodate teaching schedules, however, we realize that conflicts will occur. We will also be repeating some sessions in both the fall and the winter.
Faculty Development Institutes are opportunities for faculty/instructors to explore and develop their teaching and learning interests in greater detail. Faculty members join a cohort and meet monthly to learn, develop, implement, reflect upon, revise and evaluate their own teaching. Following an Introductory Session open to all, faculty will decide if they want to join and register for the (FDI) Faculty Development Institute and work together through-out the year.
We will continue to offer our Coffee and Conversations each month. These sessions are informal conversations for faculty to come together in time and space to share their stories, insights and ideas on a range of issues.

We welcome you to register for any workshops that are of interest to you.  All our workshops meet in our Learning Studio in 200A Elliott Hall and are offered at 12:00-1:30 (unless noted otherwise).  To register for all workshops click here.
Lunch will be provided at all workshops.

NUTS AND BOLTS WORKSHOPS- The Fundamentals of Effective Instruction-

Aimed for EMERGING FACULTY (Early career/new and not so new faculty)




Introduction to Mentoring for Emerging Faculty- F.D.I

                                                                       NOTE TIME

Tues. Sept. 11

5:00-6:30 PM

Judith Ableser

Teaching and Learning- How to focus less on Teaching and more on Student Learning

Wed. Sept. 12

Judith Ableser

Who are our Students?   How do they Learn?  How do we Support Learning?

Fri. Sept. 28

Judith Ableser

Constructive Alignment- How to connect Learning Outcomes, Instructional Practice, Authentic Assignments and Assessment

Thurs. Oct. 11

Judith Ableser

Authentic Activities, Assessment, Rubrics and Grading

Wed. Oct 31

Judith Ableser

Creating the Effective Syllabus

Wed. Nov. 14

Judith Ableser

Active Learning in the Classroom

Tues. Nov. 27

Judith Ableser

Creating Effective Power Points

Wed. Dec. 12

Judith Ableser

EXTRAS and UPGRADES WORKSHOPS- Advance your Teaching                          
Aimed for ADVANCING/EVOLVING FACULTY (but open to all)




Introduction to Problem Based Learning- F.D.I.

Thurs. Sept. 13

Eileen Johnson

Introduction to Flipped Classrooms- F.D.I.

Tues. Sept. 18

Barb Penprase

New York Times in the Classroom

Wed. Oct. 3

Mike Mooney

Faculty Learning Community

Mon. Oct. 22

Judith Ableser

Preventing, Identifying and Addressing Cheating

Wed. Oct. 17

Terry Dibble

Integrating the Arts into Science

Fri. Nov. 16

Alberto Rojo

3 Part Behavior Series

Dealing with Incivility and Behavior Issues in the Classroom

Emergency Preparedness

Active Shooter Video

Mon. Nov.5

Mon. Nov. 12

Mon. Nov. 19

Glenn McIntosh &

Karen Llyod-Clemmons

Chief Sam Lucido &

Captain Mark Gordon

Let’s reduce plagiarism and copyright problems

Fri. Dec. 7

Julia Rodriguez