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May 2010

Monday, May 31
CMU seeks to punish player (Detroit News)
Graduation parties are a matter of degree (Free Press)

Sunday, May 30
A 3-Year Degree: Can Less Be More? (NY Times)

Friday, May 28
Oakland loses heartbreaker in extra innings (Oakland Press)
A Tale of Two Students (Wall Street Journal)

Thursday, May 27
Early Christianity is topic of OU course (Oakland Press)
Brooksie Way grants benefit 11 organizations (Oakland Press)
Veteran Western Michigan University administrator Jack Luderer tapped as interim dean of medical school (Kalamazoo Gazette)
OU's season is suddenly looking less grizzly (Oakland Press)
Graduates, you can have it all (USA Today)

Wednesday, May 26
House aims to retain university funding (Oakland Press)

Tuesday, May 25
OCC ups tuition by 11 percent (Oakland Press)
OU open house to focus on programs that quickly prepare workers for new careers (Rochester Citizen)
Educators rally for school funding (Oakland Press)
Colleges grapple with tuition hikes (USA Today)

Monday, May 24
New Caretakers for Historical Markers (Detroit News)
Kalamazoo schools create college culture (Detroit News)

Sunday, May 23
Jobs and the Class of 2010 (NY Times)
Graduates' First Job: Marketing Themselves (NY Times)

Saturday, May 22
State deficit won't be as bad as feared (Free Press)

Friday, May 21
 U-M students face 3% hike in housing costs (Detroit News)
 Hazardous waste materials collected (Oakland Press)
MBA open house at OU (Oakland Press)
$1 Million grant to help Western Michigan University lure 60 science teachers to campus (Kalamazoo Gazette)

Thursday, May 20
 Degrees of Difficulty (USA Today)
Minds On the Move (Wall Street Journal)
Admittance, rejection letters vary in tact, tone (

Wednesday, May 19
Concours returns with new VIP events (Oakland Press)
$454M deficit is expected for state (Free Press)
Higher Housing (Free Press)
Pols trailing public on higher education (
Grads' toughest test? Job market (USA Today)

Tuesday, May 18
University of California Plans to Slash Spending (Wall Street Journal)

Monday, May 17
State investment in higher ed pays off (Crain's)
UM ramps up Pfizer move (Crain's)
In need of master's-level talent, Gongos teams up to help create it (Crain's)
Meadow Brook Continues to Make History While Embracing its Heritage (Community Lifestyles)

Sunday, May 16
Plan B: Skip College (NY Times)

Saturday, May 15
A Lament for the Class of 2010 (Wall Street Journal)
Why Liberal Education Matters (Wall Street Journal)

Friday, May 14
Ford restoring college aid to workers (Oakland Press)
Ford, UAW near deal on tuition aid (Detroit News)
Experts, students question value of four-year degrees (Detroit News)
6,300 Dupes Want to Know: Why'd You Lie? (Wall Street Journal)
No Barriers to Free Trade in Minds (Wall Street Journal)

Thursday, May 13
 Grads' success is based on substance, not sums (USA Today)
Rape claim phony, OU student admits to police (Rochester Post)

Wednesday, May 12
Speeding College to Save $10,000 (Wall Street Journal)

Tuesday, May 11
OU professor impressed with Supreme Court pick (Oakland Press)
OU hosts Run for Autism (Oakland Press)
Post-Grad Assignment: Find Work (Wall Street Journal)
Black college graduates face a road ahead full of potholes (USA Today)
State of the Job Market for M.B.A.s (Wall Street Journal)
Entrepreneurs Find New Way to Grow (Wall Street Journal)

Sunday, May 9
Half a Degree (NY Times)

Saturday, May 8
More of state's foster youths are heading to college (Free Press)
OU students dig to unearth ice house (Oakland Press)
College Degree Doesn't End Race Gap (Wall Street Journal)
Exploiting the New Student-Loan Rules (Wall Street Journal)

Friday, May 7
Slaying might yield change (USA Today)
Feds investigate scholarship rules (USA Today)

Thursday, May 6
Police: Woman accused of making false rape claim was seeking attention (Oakland Press)
OU student arraigned on false rape report (Free Press)
OU student charged in filing of false rape report (Detroit News)
When Mom's in school, too (USA Today)

Wednesday, May 5
A lesson every grad needs but doesn't get: personal finance (USA Today)
B-Schools Try Makeover (Wall Street Journal)

Tuesday, May 4
OU welcomes autism experts (Oakland Press)

Monday, May 3
Grand Valley State to open cyber school (Free Press)

Sunday, May 2
Barriers on way to degress make grads eager to serve (Free Press)

Saturday, May 1
OU to host Run for Autism (Oakland Press)
About-face for Benson (Oakland Press)
Michigan Tech board OKs tuition increase (Free Press)