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March 2010

Wednesday, March 31
Obama signs student aid bill (Oakland Press)

Tuesday, March 30
OU softball coach retires (Oakland Press)
First to go to college, they stay the course (USA Today)
H1N1 resurfaces in the Southeast (USA Today)
Granholm appoints three new members to Oakland University's board (Crain's)
The Ballad of Sallie Mae (Wall Street Journal)

Monday, March 29
First-term lawmakers suggest education funding reforms (Oakland Press)
Federal financial-aid bill offers students some relief (Free Press)

Sunday, March 28
Loan changes to make college more affordable (Oakland Press)

Friday, March 26
OU, OCC form dual enrollment program (Oakland Press)
Oakland University, Oakland Community College launch joint enrollment program (Crain's)
Oakland University offers two online, advanced degree nursing programs (Oakland Press)
'Hear our Voices' (Free Press)
Tough medicine (Detroit News)
Oakland University and Oakland Community College Announce O2O Dual Admission/Concurrent Enrollment Program (Rochester Citizen)
Week on the Web (Crain's)

Thursday, March 25
OU is beacon for the region (Detroit News)
Oakland University's growth great for county, state (Oakland Press)
Companies can gain a competitive advantage with CIBRE summer interns (Rochester Citizen)
Pontiac orchestra set for season-ending show (Oakland Press)
Dartmouth's Chief Tackles Endowment Hit With Tough Cuts (Wall Street Journal)
Student - Loan Shenanigans (Wall Street Journal)

Wednesday, March 24
College applicants wilt under money pressure (USA Today)
Some Life Lessons in College Rejections (Wall Street Journal)

Tuesday, March 23
Join the community on May 16 for the annual Run for Autism on Oakland University's Campus (Community Lifestyles)
"Little Women" to grace OU's Varner Studio Theatre stage (Community Lifestyles)
National anthem splits Indiana college (USA Today)

Monday, March 22
On campus, 'tolerance' and faith collide (USA Today)

Sunday, March 21
Golden Grizzlies' future looks very bright (Oakland Press)
Dream season comes to an end (Oakland Press)
Kampe not content with making the Dance (Free Press)
Oakland University's stature reaching global proportions (Oakland Press)
Nelson's injury ruins OU's chance (Free Press)
Benson to ponder his next decision (Detroit News)
Savior for Xavier (Free Press)
Grizzlies' Upset Bid Cut Shore (Free Press)

Saturday, March 20
OU-T (Oakland Press)
From Glee to Grief (Free Press)
Grizzlies are left bloodied and bowed (Detroit News)

Friday, March 19
Guards are keys to both Oakland, Pittsburgh hopes (Detroit News)
OU's goals have changed (Oakland Press)
Grizzlies are road-tested, riding a wave of momentum (Free Press)
Grizzlies quick shots (Detroit News)
Grizzlies: Bring on Pitt (Oakland Press)
University presidents need to help governor get funds (Oakland Press)

Thursday, March 18
OU, MSU begin the descent into Madness (Oakland Press)
Cinderella Oakland ready for Ball (Free Press)
Kampe finds dream job (Detroit News)
Grizzlies captains got to learn from the experts (Free Press)
Spot in NCAA brings its own trophy to OU (Free Press)
OU teaches fundamentals (Oakland Press)
Colleges weigh in on new DPS schools plan, say: Count us in (Free Press)
Why College Students are so Hard to Count (USA Today)

Wednesday, March 17
Last chance to be a champion (Free Press)
Grizzlies center wreaks quiet havoc (Detroit News)
Dad finally gets to dance (Free Press)
MSU is ready to go bold (Free Press)
College try (Detroit News)

Tuesday, March 16
Reading with Grizz (Oakland Press)
Hudson heading home for tourney appearance (Free Press)
Jones loves choice more (Detroit News)
Charter Schools and Student Performance (Wall Street Journal)
Lawsuit Tugs at Yale Chair (Wall Street Journal)
'Comparative Effectiveness' Research Is Always Behind the Curve (Wall Street Journal)
But what if college just isn't for everyone? (USA Today)
Teens in need of direction can turn to apprenticeships (USA Today)

Monday, March 15
3 Pittsburgh vs. 14 Oakland (Detroit News)
Grizzlies: Facing Panthers in Milwaukee could be golden opportunity (Free Press)
March Madness Takes Hold (Detroit News)
Good Day; Bad News? (Free Press)
We're going to dance (Oakland Press)

Sunday, March 14
The Prof Stuff (NY Times)

Saturday, March 13
Student Loan Chutzpah (Wall Street Journal)
Climategate Was an Academic Disaster Waiting to Happen (Wall Street Journal)

Friday, March 12
OU's success hardly overnight affair (Oakland Press)
Oakland a solid upset candidate (Detroit News)
College funding bill has a rule on stem cells (Free Press)
On the Barricades at Shimer (Wall Street Journal)

Thursday, March 11
Next goal? Bracket buster (Oakland Press)
Kampe keeps his composure after OU clinches tourney berth (Free Press)
Oakland's Nelson has victor's spoils (Detroit News)
Students: Grizzlies have more wins to come (Oakland Press)
Health and Student-Loan Bills Clash (Wall Street Journal)

Wednesday, March 10
Chance to Dance (Oakland Press)
These Grizzlies deserve to be there (Oakland Press)
Oakland is going dancing (Detroit News)
Waltzing into dance (Free Press)
California's College Dreamers (Wall Street Journal)

Tuesday, March 9
OU women wait, watch (Oakland Press)
OU gets mammoth win over Mastodons (Free Press)
Record-setting Oakland rolls (Detroit News)
Oakland one step closer (Oakland Press)

Monday, March 8
Colleges steered away from Haiti aid missions (USA Today)
U-M works relentlessly to cut costs (Detroit News)
College to create safety facility (Free Press)
Eackles a factor off the bench (Oakland Press)
Rochester Hills gets Economic Boost (C & G News)
Meadow Brook Event Announces New Developments for 2010 (C & G News)
OU celebrates the Year of the Tiger (C & G News)
Stem cell language needs refining (Crain's)

Sunday, March 7
Benson leads Grizzlies to victory over UMKC (Oakland Press)
Abrupt departure: OU women upset (Oakland Press)
A Low-Risk College Try (Free Press)

Saturday, March 6
Kampe tells favored Grizzlies: You're going to win tournament (Oakland Press)
Oakland aims for last goal (Detroit News)
The Golden State's Me Generation (Wall Street Journal)

Friday, March 5
OU faculty members win science/technology grants (Oakland Press)
Terava steers OU toward another title (Oakland Press)

Thursday, March 4
States fight poor rates of college completion (Detroit News)
College bans people convicted of sex crimes (Detroit News)
Student lenders scramble to save their sweet deal (USA Today)
Where M.B.A.s Are Finding Jobs (Wall Street Journal)
Students rally today for quality education (USA Today)
Concours gets new name, Hall hosts speakeasy (C & G News)
Economic 'perfect storm' continues, officials say (Rochester Post)

Wednesday, March 3
Still short (Detroit News)
Grizzlies want to win for Jones (Free Press)
California Students Complain About 'Tax Hikes' (Wall Street Journal)
Oakland University gets $1.5 million in stimulus grants (Detroit News)
Oakland U gets $1.5 million i n NSF stimulus grants (
Counselors get a 'poor' score (USA Today)

Tuesday, March 2
Program cuts in '07 haunt WSU (Detroit News)
Fundraiser: MSU must work smarter (Detroit News)
A lesson in culture (Oakland Press)
As U-M builds up, MSU cuts back (Detroit News)
Universities: Cuts could be 'devastating' (Detroit News)
OU's Benson named player of the week (Oakland Press)
Magic Man (Oakland Press)
Mexico's spring break king rebounds, LA (The Daily Caller)
California Students Complain About 'Tax Hikes' (Wall Street Journal)
OU faculty members win NSF support for promising science and technology initiatives (The Rochester Citizen)

Monday, March 1
Henry Baskin (The Paper)